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I'm a brony and a Pinkie Pie fan but I like all of the mane six, as well as Spike. I hope to provide some entertaining and interesting fanfics for the Brony community.

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Ranking The Pillar/Legend Six · 2:21am Nov 15th, 2017

This had to be done at some point, and as far as I know no one else has yet done this. Sure, we've got people saying who their favorite pillar/legend is, but no one's been saying anything about how they'd stack them up overall. So, unless I'm somehow mistaken, allow me to start a precedent. Of course, as always, this list is purely the result of my personal opinion and is in no way official.

6. Mistmane
Reason: Of all the legends, Mistmane's is the one whose story makes the least amount of sense. There was really no need for her to give up her beauty to bring it back to the village. Yes, it might not have been an overnight transformation, but if the land was not completely descimated, in time the village would've returned to normal. Her design isn't bad, and I like how the finale more or less confirmed the headcanon that she planted the Tree of Harmony (or rather the seed that grew into it). But she also had the weakest focus issue in the comics, it made her seem like more of a Fluttershy connected character instead of a Rarity one. And unless I missed something, I don't get what kind of significance that flower has, even Sonambula's blindfold had something that justified it being important.

5. Rockhoof
Reason: Rockhoof got more personality and development in the comics, rather than in the show. He and Sonambula were the only legends who did not speak until "Shadow Play, Part 2", and his story in "Campfire Tales" was the weakest of the three as he just suddenly grew big because potatoes. Yes, there's nothing that suggests the shovel wasn't enchanted, but at the same time I don't see how it being enchanted would make his story stronger. I like his design though, and I wish I could determine what kind of accent he's supposed to have (Scottish, Irish, Nordic, Celtic, Russian?).

4. Flash Magnus
Reason: The nagging question that still lingers in everyone's mind is "Is he related to Flash Sentry?", after all they have similar names and similar coat colors. I like to think he is, as it would explain a lot about how someone as young as Flash Sentry (he seems to be about the same age as Twilight, maybe a year younger) could have a key position as a member of the royal guard in the Crystal Empire, and be assigned to be part of Princess Cadence's escort unit. I feel like Flash got a bit of a raw deal in "Shadow Play" though, as all he really did was boast and pal around with Rainbow Dash, "Campfire Tales" and his tie in legend showed off more of his heroic nature and abilities. I'm not saying I hated him, he was fine as he was, but it seemed like in terms of personality we didn't get to see much of a range for him compared to some of his fellow pillars.

3. Starswirl the Bearded
Reason: The show has been teasing us with information on Starswirl, and dropping hints about him for seasons, and there's no denying that at least part of what made "Shadow Play" so appealing was finally getting to see Starswirl in all his glory. Some might be a little disappointed that he turned out to be a grouchy, arrogant wizard (Starswirl the Asshole, you might call him), but the show indicated in "Magical Mystery Cure" that he never understood the magic of friendship. It does seem odd that he couldn't understand that or forgiveness, when he was able to befriend Scorpan, but at the same time there's no indication that Starswirl knew Scorpan was at least at first, intent on conquering Equestria with his brother. Scorpan might well have shed his ambitions by the time he met Starswirl, thus Starswirl didn't have the experience of knowing Scorpan as a villain to guide him with Stygian. And on top of that, Starswirl was for his time a sorcerer without equal. It's only natural that in the absence of anyone to challenge or question him, he would develop a sense of pride that would grow into arrogance.

2. Mage Meadowbrook
Reason: Of all the pillars, I got the impression that the one who was the most real was Mage Meadowbrook, though that was probably due to what was shown of her in "A Health of Information". Since she probably didn't earn her mage title after she left Hayseed Swamp, it's likely that few ponies outside that area knew Meadowbrook was an actual pony and not just a sorceress. IDW Main Series #58 seems to add some strength to that theory, suggesting that Meadowbrook never stayed in one town for long, and she even let obsession in her later years keep her from finding love and having a family. I find it funny that her mask was the only item of the legend six to find its way back to where it was initially from after Meadowbrook's disappearance, but it's possible that one of her descendants found it and took back to the swamp. I just have to wonder why Meadowbrook never wrote down the cure for Swamp Fever in her journal, even if she didn't think of its benefits to medical research, I'd assume she'd want a reliable source to consult in case she ever forgot how to get it.

1. Sonambula
Reason: She has an amazing design, which feels very Egyptian/Arabic (depending on what they were going for ethnicity wise) though her accent feels kind of off putting considering her design and personality in her tie in comic made me believe she was the youngest of the legends (it's possible that she's not, she's just older than she looks). It seems that, after Starswirl the Bearded, Sonambula was the pillar who had the most screen time in "Shadow Play", and it seems that she can fly better than Flash Magnus (at least when he's carrying his shield). Speaking of which, I don't really ship her with Flash Magnus, they don't really have any chemistry. Yes, they're both pegasi and they both fought alongside each other to protect Equestria, but there's nothing to go on for how they'd interact outside the group. It's an interesting choice to have her blindfold be the object of greatest importance to her, rather than her glowpez necklace, considering how much emphasis got placed on the latter in both "Daring Done?' and Sonambula's focus issue in Legends of Magic, but hey if it works I can't complain. What more can I say? Sonambula is an amazingly designed and adorably optimistic pony, and that's enough to put her in the top spot.

And there you have it. Come back tomorrow, when we'll rank the mane six's families now that Season 7 has revealed what the families of Rainbow Dash and Applejack are like (and fleshed out Twilight's family).

Comments ( 5 )

For me, it goes:
1. Starswirl
2. Rockhoof
3. Meadowbrook
4. Flash Magnus (even I'm surprised, since I considered his story the best)
5. Sonnambula
6. Mistmane

Interesting choices, would you be interested in sharing your thoughts here?


1. Meadowbrook
2. Flash Magnus
3. Sonambula
4. Rockhoof
5. Mistmane
6. Starswirl

Here's mine:
1. Meadowbrook
2. Sonnambula
3. Mistmane
4. Flash Magnus
5. Rockhoof
6. Starswirl.

My top 2 favorite Pillars are these two:

1. Meadowbrook

2. Somnambula

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