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    Anyone who got a notification for the tagged story, please ignore it. I accidentally published a future chapter I only intended to edit. The edit and publish buttons being next to one another, and then even closer on mobile wasn’t any helpful. I’m sorry about that. :twilightblush:

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    I don’t have covid! Just strep throat so bad it was resembling pneumonia! Hell yeah gamers!


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SOMETHING SOMETHING I'UNNO · 8:50pm Oct 5th, 2017

So there's a contest going on by this freaky entity thing called Ice Star Spoopy Star and it's about shipping Sombra and Luna because that's a thing that's been a thing.

So. Here's your reminder blog post thing thing thing. I dunno. It's literally just to remind you that it exists.

Happy writing!

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Looking forward to our first submissions.


Okay that was supposed to say pic after ass xD
I'm crying 😂

I'm concerned for your state of mind and overall mental health.

Well someone has to be

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