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Cons? · 1:03pm Sep 10th, 2017


In an effort to plan ahead and stuff, I'm currently kicking around some ideas for stuff I'd like to do next year. And, one of those things?


I've been to a few before (particularly DragonCon, once), but I'm always on the lookout for new experiences and stuff. And so, I turn to you guys, the whole dozens of fans/followers/whatevs, for advice. I suppose I'm really looking at TWO possible conventions-- a 'big' one, like DragonCon, or maybe GenCon, or even PAX ... and then, possibly something a li'l more pony focused. Maybe.

A lot of this is inspired by post-Bronycon stuff I'm seeing people gab about on this site. So ... yeah. Now I'm wondering if I should try hitting one up in 2018.

The thing I enjoy most from cons is the panels-- particularly writing/publishing ones (for obvious reasons). And, y'know, I'm kiiiiind of curious if I could even be -ON- a fanfic panel. I mean, it'd be a rare opportunity to talk about how I am BEST AT PONIES in a RL context, or something. (Again, the term 'closeted' describes my pony-fan-ness fairly well).

So yeah! Just off the top of my head, I'm giving vaaaaaague consideration to either Everfree Northwest, or BronyCon, or maybe something else, who knows. BronyCon looks pretty big (10,000 fans!) which could be a plus or a minus. Also, it's in Baltimore, a city I'm only familiar with from The Wire. I'm sure it's not QUITE as murdery and urban-decaying as the TV show ... right? Meanwhile, EFNW is in what, Seattle? I've never been, but I do dig coffee and grunge music, so that's a thing.

So yeah. Which cons have you guys been to, and what cool stuff did you do there? Any particular suggestions?

Report Tumbleweed · 225 views · #conventions
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I've been to Trotcon (in Columbus, Ohio) and Bronycon, myself. I'll admit I'm not up on how to apply to run a panel, but I'm 99% certain there is information on their websites. With that said, from my experience, Trotcon feels more fan-based; that is, the majority of their panels are run by people who produce things in the fandom. It is a smaller convention (I think 2017 had around 900ish people), but it's still a good one. There's always a theme which adds to the fun (2017's was Fallout: Equestria, and 2018's will be "Under the Sea"), and the congoers enjoy cosplaying to the theme.

Bronycon is, well, Bronycon. It's the biggest out there (2017 saw decreased numbers, around 6300ish if I remember correctly, but that could be for any amount of reasons, such as it taking place in late August, during the school year), and you'll get to meet a LOT of people. There are a few panels about writing fanfics, and I think you'd do a great job. Also, I've gone multiple years, and have yet to be stabbed while either walking to or from it, so there's that!

If you're not exactly sure on how to assemble a panel, there are videos out there of previous ones, like this one from this year's Trotcon, and Bronycon keeps a fairly complete set of recordings of their panels from years' past.

Well, I hope this helps! And I hope we get to see you at a con soon!

I've done BC several times and while it can definitely be overwhelming. I spend most of my free time hanging out with writers in Quills and Sofas and always find it a welcoming and fun place. I'm not going next year as I'm going to Galacon in Germany instead. It's a smaller con, but looks to be great fun.

BronyCon has a lot of writers and writing panels simply because it's so big. Everfree has a lot of writers and writing panels because it specifically caters to writers. If you can afford it, I would go to Everfree to hang out with the west coast writers (like meeeeee) and BronyCon to hang out with the east coast writers (and meeeeee). Plus, you should go to Equestria LA this November so you can attend my sick after-after party on Sunday night.

I've been to Everfree Northwest and to Bronycon.

Everfree Northwest has a very focused writing track, and lots of interesting panels about writing - or at least, did in 2016 and 2017. It is a fairly sizable con, but it isn't as big as Bronycon, which makes things a bit more intimate. It is in a nice hotel, in a nice place, and is really well-run in general, and the hotel is big enough it is easy to get a room there and just ride an elevator downstairs to the con in the morning. I had a lot of fun there, and I feel like it is more laid back than Bronycon.

I went to Bronycon in 2016. It is much larger, and you're likely to meet a different group of people (though there's a fair bit of overlap). The part of Baltimore it is in is not bad, there are just some homeless people, though I'm not sure you'd really want to wander around alone at night a whole lot. The food is further away from the convention center, and you're likely to have more of a walk from your hotel. It didn't feel as focused in terms of writing panels.

I went to Bronycon this year and enjoyed it. Would love to go again next year, even if all the cool kids will be over in Europe at the time. I'd love to check out Everfree Northwest but I don't actually have any information about it other than what has already been said. The writing panels I got to at Bronycon were pretty much awesome across the board.

I was at BronyCon for my first time this year, and am hoping to go back next year, since BronyCAN is now defunct. There were definitely a number of worthwhile writing panels, but I admit that panels are a small part of my convention experience. The best part about BronyCon is Quills and Sofas, and the various other fanfic-specific events.

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