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Hi, name's XenoPony. I'm an avid pony writer and fan fiction author with a wide range of stories.

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Real Show Stopper! · 8:29pm Sep 5th, 2017

Back again with another day of pony themed art work and once aging I have magnificent images of another great pony for you. She seriously is the greatest and most powerful mare there is!:yay:

Guessed who it yet? Find out below!

(Awww, but it looks so good on you, Trixie)

Trixie is yet another of my favorite ponies!:twilightsmile: Sure, yeah she was kind of a jerk in season one and some may say evil in season three (thought that was all the amulet's fault, of course) She's really come a long way since then and I like seeing how much she's matured over the course of the show. I especially love her interactions with Starlight, here's a reason I ship the two of them so hard!:yay:

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Comments ( 7 )

World could always use more the Great and Powerful (And damn sexy) Trixie!

Trixie! Trixie was so abused in canon it isn't even funny! I hated Boast Busters because she was the villain for making a living! This isn't the first time these silly but cute ponies don't understand the concept of a job. Sassy Saddles got villanified albeit mildly for doing her job.

I love Trixie flaws in all, but it's AJ, Rarity and Rainbow's fault she was a villain and "annoying" in the first place. Trixie finally gets her golden ticket in Season 6 and even then she is still occasionally villainfied from what I read. Does anyone in Equestria know what a Showmare is?

Trixie is probably my favorite character but yet, everyone hates her!

I really like Trixie, even if I can't fully explain why. I think it's how she always smiles, I just can't help but smile with her. :pinkiehappy:

Damn trixie she is my 3rd favorite

4659438 You're not wrong about that.

4659465 Yeah, I love Trixie too she's pretty awesome despite how she was presented at first. Still, I wouldn't say everyone hates her I thought she was quite loved by the masses?

4659570 Hahaha:rainbowlaugh:, it the show pony's effect.

4659639 Glad to hear it.

Yeah, first picture has to be my favorite. PUrrs

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