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What I think happened to Applejack's parents · 9:29pm Aug 15th, 2017

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Okay...Wonder what motivated to do her that

Dude... just... dude... :pinkiesad2: not cool...

I was wondering when you'd make this. I had no idea that they'd be dead. :rainbowlaugh:

So THATS where Pinkie got her "Cupcakes" recipe idea from, if you know what I mean...:pinkiecrazy:

Isn't it obvious?

Miss Cake was a lesbian who kept quiet about her sexuality. When Pear Butter started befriending her and teaching her how to bake things, Miss Cake developed feelings for her, which slowly grew to sexual attraction after Pear Butter helped her get her cutie mark in baking. However, on the day when she wanted to confess her love for Pear Butter, under the excuse of wanting to give her some of her cakes that she made, she discovered Pear Butter's relationship with Bright Mac. Feeling betrayed and broken-hearted, she started to resent Pear Butter and Bright Mac for ruining any chance she thought she had at happiness. It was decided in her mind that if she couldn't have Pear Butter, then neither could Bright Mac, and so she waited until the perfect opportunity to strike at them both presented itself and when it did, she took it without hesitation.

She later then meet and developed feelings for a stallion named Mister Cake, and found happiness as his wife as his kindness towars her reminded her of Pear Butter.

There you go. It's all a story of lust, obsession, murder, and upside-down pineapple cakes. What more could you ask for in a mystery tale?

You're right. It's not cool.

It's pretty hot.

I guess that makes sense...to some degree.

They're not dead. They're just mostly dead.

I think...

Could Bright Mac always stop his own heart from beating or...?

Um, lady? EVERYONE knows what you mean. Literally EVERYONE has read the creepypasta, you're not being subtle at all. There's no need to hint at the creepypasta that everyone has read and faked fear towards.

A for trying, though, milady.

You ARE a girl, right? I mean your name sounds feminine, but you never know in this fanbase. So many men pass themselves off as feminine because of the names they choose and the looks of their avatars. In the famous words of Admiral Ackbar - "IT'S A TRAP!"

I'm not worried. I just didn't want to call you a bloke if you were a woman. Just seemed a bit disrespectful if I did that.

Despicable? DESPICABLE!?! ME!!??!!

Excuse me, motherf**ker, do I look like a god damn Minion to you? Do I loo like a little yellow jam-jar dildo with an annoying voice?

Oooooh, I'm triggered. I'm more triggered than Dick Cheny armed with an AK-47 and hocked up on heroin!

(I'm joking with you by the way. I'm not pissed off with you. Just thought you should know that...)

4636166 Sure... sure... I get it but you might want to slow it down with the Dick Cheney jokes... dunno he might mistake your feathery arse for a quail.

At least he'd keep his promise to shoot me, unlike a certain MLP fan who promised to show me her golden shotguns but never did.

Isn't that right, Scribbler Productions?

Lying asshole. XD

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