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"I haven't seen a bigger waste of talent since Dan Marino." -Roselucky Seven

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    New Story Dropping Tonight!

    There comes a time in every pony author's life when he must return to his roots. And what better authorial root is there than cuddling ponies? None, I say! Keep an eye out kiddoes, a new story is dropping late tonight/early tomorrow, and it has something for everypony!

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    What's coming up soon?

    Whinny City was great, btw. Shoutout to CoffeeMinion (I met his beautiful wife and children), Vivid Syntax, and also my new friends I met at the Writer's Meetup! (And, of course, ireadpony for recording my panel

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    IF YOU'RE AT WHINNY CITY, MY PANEL IS AT 8:30 IN THE DEEP DISH ROOM DOWNSTAIRS!!!! Show up, it'll be a good time, I promise!

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    Whinny City Pony Con Reminder Post


    As you all know, Whinny City Pony Con 2019 is THIS WEEKEND! This is my 'hometown' con so to speak (I grew up 20 mins from the venue) and I'm so jacked that it's finally here! So, that being said, I have lots to say about attending, so if you're going or even thinking about going, here it is:

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    Discord Server!

    Hey guys,

    Remember Blackjack 21, the generous chap that started a fan group (which can be found at this link) of his own volition? Well, now they've gone and made a discord server for the group! If you want to join and Kirinpost with me, the link to join can be found below. (I'll also add it to the fan group).

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TROTCON REMINDER · 1:23am Jul 12th, 2017

Hello all-

I'll be at Trotcon all this weekend, and I'd LOVE to meet up with anyone from FimFiction who is there (just PM me bro). I already have a few takers, but I want to reiterate my offer that I put in an earlier blog post:

If you're my follower on FimFiction and we meet up at Trotcon, I'll buy you a print!


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Comments ( 13 )

I wish I could go. I tend to stick to midwestern cons so I don't have to drive for hours or buy plane tickets.

Would love to meet you in person but sadly it'll probably bring me out of state and I got research tying me down. Maybe next year when I finally have a summer off. :yay:

I already plan to meet you.

And hug!

But you shall not buy me a print (what ever that is XD), because I said so!

You won't be at Bronycon, will you (you're at UMBC right?)?

Kid, you get a free print, stop whining.

That was the other editor. :rainbowlaugh: I'm in the south. Also, I don't have the transportation to go to any con. :fluttershbad: Such is the life of a college student. (Furcon and maybe a bronycon would be awesome to go to. But I'm worried what my colleagues would think if they knew I liked that sort of stuff.)

You sure about that challenge? My grandfather shot Nazis, you know. Well, he *said* he never shot anyone, but no one believed him.

RIP I took a swing and it was a miss.
Dude, don't worry about your colleagues. This is America, a country founded on doing basically whatever you want. Cherish it (but maintain your sense of moral duty, lest you become a San Francisco libertine).

Thanks for the support, but I'll wait till I have job security before I just start announcing what I like. :rainbowwild: Until then, I'll stay in the closet. It's nice and safe here with my Luna plush. (That I don't have :facehoof:)

But seriously, when I am actually able to travel and take time off, I'll come visit. You seem like an awesome guy and would be just as awesome to meet you. :pinkiehappy:

I'll change factions!

I will be there. hope to see you there!!!:pinkiecrazy:

Yes! Alright- My name will be on my badge :)

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