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    A Dumb Idea Turned Into a Cool Idea:

    Dumb Idea: a pony with an invisible cutie mark whose special talent is turning invisible

    Cool Idea: A pony with a cutie mark that’s invisible under regular visible light but lights up under UV light whose special talent is catching or seeing things other people have missed. Naturally, said Pony is a detective.

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    My parents co-own a small trucking company they founded 30 years ago, and this week discovered one of their employees has stolen possibly as much as 2 million dollars from the company over the last 7 years.

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    Looking For Pre-Readers For New StarTrix Rom-Dram-Com

    Hello, friends! After several months of off-and-on-writing and plenty of procrastination, I have finally finished the first draft of Killing Me Softly, a 4,569-word StarTrix romantic drama comedy told from Trixie's perspective, and I'm looking for some people to help me polish it! This is the longest one-shot I've written in six years, and I legitimately have put a lot of work into it, so

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    Who Are You?

    I don't actually know who I am. Just that I hate who I've become.

    How about you? Who are you? And not like the surface level bullshit. Who are you really? Like, deep inside?

    I really want to know.

    I know there's a place you walked
    Where love falls from the trees
    My heart is like a broken cup
    I only feel right on my knees

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Traveling 1000 miles for a pool party! · 11:36pm Jul 6th, 2017

LAX to San Fran to Portland where I'm crashing with Blanket (brony musician); then Friday we drive up to Pullayup, Washington and then Saturday there's a huge pool party at a rich Brony's mansion (SR Foxley's) that a lot of the Everfree Northwest staff attend. This isn't something I'd normally fly out to, but I figured for $135 round trip Airfare it was something I wanted to experience at least once since everyone kept talking about how awesome it is.

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Comments ( 3 )
Author Interviewer

The phrase "rich brony's mansion" just does not make sense to me.

Nor to me. I've been to SR's parties, and while they're truly awesome events, 'mansion' and 'rich' aren't exactly how I'd characterize things. That makes it seem like, I don't know, a black tie formal or something, and they're definitely way more down-to-earth than anything like that.

That was how it was hyped to me

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