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I write bad AiE stories. No. Seriously, they're terrible. If you can't laugh at vomit, blood, and exploding testicles, don't read my work. It's safer that way.

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  • Friday
    I wrote a parody of the Broken Love series

    ...no, seriously. It was a commission from a wonderful WONDERFUL dude named gorillarmy, and they wanted me to do a comedy with my Berry and Anon. And ya know what? I got pretty mean about it! But I'm so happy, and it was so fun. And maybe some of you who enjoy the series will find it funny.

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  • Thursday
    So... regarding Broken Bindings...

    To those of you who managed to find the "Lullaby"? You... might want to go check the link to it again. It may have... changed...

    That's all.


    9 comments · 173 views
  • 1 week
    Today's podcast features Eighth, the writer of beloved Moonie Shorts!

    It starts in about half an hour! This is a very special cast for me and I'm genuinely excited about it! I get to hang out with one of my favorite people in the world today, along with some of the rest of my favorite people and just... BE GARBAGE together! It should be fun, full of insults, and shitposty AF. If you wanna drink and have fun, please do join us!

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  • 1 week
    While I'm finishing up my commissions...

    First of all, I just want to say THANK YOU to everyone who commissioned me in the last month. It was a huge help, and I ended up getting more than 20 commission requests! It helped me get by, even when things were hard, and the tips some of you gave me was incredibly wonderful. The little extra I got with that actually helped feed me while I was taking care of my idiot cat. I seriously cannot say

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  • 2 weeks
    CAST STARTING SOON (2PM PST)! Early cast for a very special writer!

    We're interviewing CategoricalGrant today, and it's shaping up to be a good one. Besides, it's never to early to start drinking amirite?!
    ...Well, we'll find out, won't we.
    Join us right here: https://www.twitch.tv/mikesnipe

    See you there, and bring your a game...er...booze. Something like that.


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I'll be going to Bronycon this year · 12:40am Jul 2nd, 2017

I'll be in an awesome panel too, and I'll give you more details on that when I take a look at the con schedule. That means yet more vomiting fluttershy drawings in quills and sofas.
Who else is going? You'll have to come say hi to me.


Report anonpencil · 207 views · #bronycon #convention
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Comments ( 6 )
Professor Plum
Story Approver


Awesome I'll see you there

Sooo, if I see an art booth featuring vomiting ponies I should come and say hello. Gotcha.

nah, not an art booth or anything. Just know that there will be these drawings... around.

Oh goddammit Awesome!

See you there!

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