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Average brony obsessing over the main cast with an unhealthy desire to see them in a dark fantasy setting.

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Ordinary life · 4:57pm Jun 19th, 2017

:ajsmug: Morning Everyone.

:pinkiegasp: What? Koren updated before noon!? Has the sky come crashing down!? No, no, I just had an additional week to work on this chapter and managed to get it done after fighting Art block. in a strange turn of events, not only did I get the chapter written, but I've also started a project. I've always wanted to do Super in a manga format, but as I've tried, I'm just not good enough at it yet. So, instead of that, I've come up with something akin to a 4koma (a 4 panel comic strip) where I'll make jokes based on a chapter, or just do a random day in the life kind of thing. It is entirely for comedic purposes and will serve as a gateway for me to practice drawing comics on a weekly basis.

:pinkiecrazy: In other news, my internship is still driving me crazy and today I'm going to call my boss and make her fucking talk to me so I can get some work done for once. this is just insanity. She's said she's had interns that needed 300 hours, I simply cannot imagine how they got all their hours in with as hard as it is to get feedback on anything from her.

:applejackunsure: Anyways, now that the date in which I didn't really know how to approach is over, I can move on to the next chapter. I don't know what it was that was so hard to figure out about this. Maybe I was dragging it on because I wanted to, or I just couldn't figure out where to go next, or something. Who knows. It's done now, so I'm happy about that, and I was pretty happy about how the chapter came out anyways. Next chapter may turn out to be a Harmony Stories chapter, depends on how long it takes me to write out Goose's full back story. Things are moving, and they will continue to move.
Until next time~

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