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Dollar Tree Play-Doh?? · 11:30pm May 12th, 2017

I found Play-Doh type stuff at The Dollar Tree.

It's called 'Dough' instead of Play-Doh.

I kind of want to get some. You can't go wrong for a dollar right? :P

Here's a picture of what it looks like.

Does anyone have experience buying/ using play-doh from The Dollar Tree? If you do, let me know.

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Ohhhh, I used to play with that stuff a lot when I was younger. It's fun, but it dries out very quickly. It's pretty much a one time play with thing, maybe twice. If you're going for it, I'd just go to Walmart or something and get the good stuff that'll last a while.

4530301 Thank you for letting me know. It's probably because the containers the dough comes in are kind of flimsy. They might last longer if you put them in a better plastic container that has a tightly-sealing lid. But I am not sure. I've never tried it. :P

4530304 I know right? It's always interesting what you find at The Dollar Tree. :P

4530313 It's not so much of the container, but rather the chemicals in them. Your hands are like a sponge. When you play with stuff like that, it draws the moister out. If you keeps your hands slightly moist with water, they'll last longer. However if you add too much water it dissolves.


I dont know what the dolar tree is

Not sure about that, but when I was little I used to steal balls of plasticine from school. That stuff never dries out. I even found a ball of it in the back of my closet when we moved in grade six. Still usable. Come to think of it I don't recall what the plasticine was supposed to be used for. The teacher just brought it out periodically.

What were we talking about again?

I don't know what that is..... But honestly Lyra, if you want actual Play Dough, you can actually get colored Cookie Dough at Cookies & Company and make bakeable sculptures. That or just eat it.

I used to like clay before. It was kinda fun.

It's basically the same thing.

4530341 Ah, I see. It must have something to do with the chemicals in it.

4530383 It's a store in The United States where you can purchases everything for a dollar, and certain items are marked even less (only 40 or 50 cents).

4530400 What is plasticine?

4530412 That sounds delicious! :rainbowwild:

4530448 It is indeed. It is fun to make all sorts of sculptures and such with it. :)

4530610 I'm not joking, there are some bakeries that do sell colored cookie dough. That's more fun than actual dough, and less dangerous for toddlers.

4530551 It definitely looks similar to the real product, from what I was able to see. But I imagine it is made from different ingredients than the actual Play-Doh so it probably feels a bit different when you are using it.

4530614 It's an off brand, but the ingredients are basically the same.

4530612 You can also make colored dough at home. It lasts a relatively long amount of time. And you can bake it in the oven to keep the things you make forever. It is different than cookie dough or edible dough because you don't add the ingredients that cause the flour to rise in the oven. So it is basically just homemade play-doh.

4530618 Cool! That is good to know. :)

4530621 How have things been for you and your mother?


Sounds awesome, we never had something like that here.

4530633 Things are going a little bit better. My mom was able to find some remote work so we aren't struggling to pay things every month with just my income, which is nice.

4530644 It is indeed a really neat store. We also have stores called the 99 Cents Only stores where everything is 99 cents or less. :)

It's a dollar. Roll the dice, not much loss either way.

But I do love me the dollar tree. They have the best beef jerky for some reason.

That or buy ingredients to make playdough from there.

4530894 I love The Dollar Tree too! They have a great deal on tons of stuff, including pet supplies. I got three litter boxes, three mats to put them on, cat treats, a litter box scooper, tons of cat toys, etc. at The Dollar Tree for a LOT cheaper than you would find at most discount stores like Walmart. For example, litter boxes are like $15.00 at Walmart. And a dollar at the dollar store. Most cat toys are between $4 - $10 and again just one dollar at the dollar store. It's a great place for pet supplies (among other things).

4530609 It's an oil-based modeling clay. It gets stiffer when it cools, but it never dries out. It's used a lot for prototyping and stop-motion animation. Quite a bit more expensive than play-dough and probably not safe to eat though.

4531009 That sounds cool! I will have to see if I can find it at a craft store or something one of these days.


That sounds rather utopian to me.

4531578 It's pretty cool. It definitely helps out when you are shopping on a budget. :)


And how do they manage to earn something?

4532152 Because people typically purchase more since the prices are low. And there is also a large amount of people who shop at the stores. So they make a lot of money.


I still dont understand it very much:applejackconfused:

Not surprising given the nature of my home

4532801 I think it is a very American idea to offer things as cheap as possible. People usually won't buy anything unless they feel they are getting a bargain. So we have a lot of cheap stores such as The Dollar Tree and the 99 Cents Only Stores.


Ah, i see that makes sense

It's very hard to understand thougt, again not surprising given our legitimate greed

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