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    All incorrect "A-words" so far

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    "Amazing" (Pilate)
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Spoilers for book 11 · 5:42am Mar 25th, 2017

Rainbow Dash ascending into an alicorn, but still corrupted and therefore being like 1/3 discord along with alicorn, then dying just before completing her goal, while managing to infect a grown but bitter Kera with chaos that also carries the voice of Rainbow Dash, causing Kera to become a schizophrenic chaos-tainted Rainbow Dash with an attitude problem, who then ascends, turns into Nightmare Kera Dash, rules the dark side for a time, then turns good again after trying to invade the light side and being exposed to the moon and talking to Luna, then subsequently takes over the dark side for the forces of harmony, causing her to turn full discord, but remaining good in the process, at least until Nightshade wanders out of the machine world, having also ascended into an alicorn and gone mad with loneliness and hunger, leading to the most epic of all fights, taking up the entirety of the 11th book.

You saw it here first, folks.

Can't wait.

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Comments ( 2 )

What's Austraeoh? :rainbowhuh:

Joking about these things is an excellent way to bring them to reality, you know. Remember that mid-Urohringr Swan Song "prediction" of Rohbredden that was just as ridiculous as this, yet turned out to be more or less correct?

Make it happen, ):(. I want more Kera!

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