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"If you are looking for fanfics, I can tell you I don't have any. But what I do have are a very particular set of skills, skills I have acquired over a very long career"

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    That night, Rainbow Dash couldn't sleep. So, as always when insomnia hit her, she took to her books.

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    All incorrect "A-words" so far

    "Amazing" (Lime Tech)
    "Aaack!" (Ember Speak)

    "Awake" (Pilate)
    "Adorable" (Belle)
    "Austraeoh" (Belle)
    "Abomination" (Shell)

    "Amazing" (Belle)
    "Asinine" (Nightshade)

    "Amazing" (Pilate)
    "Adorable" (Rainbow to Pilate)

    "Amazing" (Rayvinne)


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I'm old · 12:33am Dec 2nd, 2018

That night, Rainbow Dash couldn't sleep. So, as always when insomnia hit her, she took to her books.

However, there was one difference, something that she had never encountered before. When she took a book to bed with her, she had proceeded no more than five pages before she found herself murmuring the lines out loud about two paragraphs ahead of time. This didn't happen with one book, but with two, then three, then four and five. Soon enough, Rainbow Dash was hovering in a limp state before her bookcase, glancing lethargically across multiple different illustrated covers of Daring Do locked in one perilous situation after another.

She exhaled long and hard. Every title in the series sparked a flash of visual images in her head, and she realized with each brief scan she made of the collection how dimmer and dimmer that spark appeared to be.

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Hi old, I'm fourths

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