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    After having to stay in bed yesterday, "The Sky is Gone: Epiphany" continues!

    I have been spending too much time in the cold lately, so I was in bed with a strong fever yesterday. But I feel somewhat better, so the releases continue!

    Stay easy as a filly!

    ~ Fluttercheer

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    Sunrise is here.

    I think that has been long enough. As of now, I have four followers less. Four followers who support Mixmaster226's harassment campaign called Save MLP. One of them went out with as much dignity as he could, as the only one who unfollowed me voluntarily after I sent him the

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    Day 174 in the Dark Equestria

    "The Sky is Gone: Epiphany" continues now. Sorry for the pause yesterday. I was plagued by a very intense headache that got so bad that writing was impossible. Likewise, no release happened on Patreon either yesterday. But the headache is gone, so we proceed normally today. Silverstream's messages of Day 174 in the apocalypse start releasing now.

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    Silverstream's messages of Day 170 in the Dark Equestria are here!

    New messages by Silverstream have been released now. Sorry for the lack of releases yesterday. My sleep schedule got turned upside down when I didn't find much sleep on Monday night, which affected the Tuesday release and led to it that I had to miss yesterday's release. My sleep schedule is fixed now, though, and the releases continue normally again.

    Stay easy as a filly!

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    Don't look away.

    I have written something new, spontaneously and unexpected. When I was rewatching Markiplier's infamous Let's Play of "My Little Foundation: Containment is Magic", I got inspired and had a little vision. It's less than 1,000 words and I'm not sure if it will become a full story, because I feel that the beauty of it lies in detailing that one moment and that explaining what exactly happened or

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"Aunt Millie": Chapter 11 Preview! · 7:56pm Mar 24th, 2017

Just a few minutes ago, I finished writing the new chapter of "Aunt Millie"! It's already proofread and formatted and up here on FIMFiction.net.
Release is tomorrow, but until then, I will provide you all with a short preview for what is coming up.
Find it below. It's the final version, too, this time, since the proofreading process has been finished already:

Dinky let out an exhausted sigh as she was finished, squeezing her big sister tighter.
With every detail Dinky described, Sparkler felt a fire blazing up inside of her more and more. Now, her face was distorted in anger and hatred. She gave her younger sibling a last squeeze, then slowly pulled away from her and looked into her face. “Do you feel better now?” she asked.
“A little,” Dinky said in a weak voice. “But, Sparks, I–”
“Don't worry,” Sparkler interrupted her, gently moving a hoof over her cheek. “I will take care of this, once and for all. It's time to have a talk.”

I feel like I will have to put a storm warning in the announcement blog entry tomorrow again.....

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Sounds good. Who's a good big sister? Sparkler is!

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