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What to say about me... I'm a novelist, I enjoy writing Fanfiction (seriously I like it. Although I mainly do Justice League or Highschool of the Dead), and thanks to Dr. Whooves I found FIM.

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Preview for the forth chapter of Justice: A reclaiming Equestria Story · 5:51am Mar 21st, 2017


A Reclaiming Equestria Story Featuring DCAU Batman and Woman Woman

Chapter Four: Sunset

Metrotower - Gateway Room - Next to the Generator

The gateway was finally activated, working, and surprisingly there was a need to bring Zatanna and Doctor Fate both in on getting the gateway just perfect. While the gateway was able to locate a general grouping of the frequencies associated with Diana and Bruce’s disappearance it just couldn’t get the exact location down. Zatanna and Doctor Fate used their connection to the ether to narrow it down further. Once it was completed a small group looked toward it, and most of them noticed right away that the gateway looked almost like a pool of water standing upright. Wally was the first to say something about it.

“So, anyone else feeling all Stargatey about this?”

Shayera groaned, “Really? You’re going to joke right now?”

Wally shrugged his shoulders, “Not much else I can do until we decide to try it out. Honestly, I’m a little worried about crossing over into this thing. We don’t know much about it, not really, and we don’t have Kurt Russell here to lead us through it.”

John rolled his eyes, “Wally, I can promise you that whatever is over there Batman has it under control. We don’t need SG-1.”

Shayera groaned at his answer, “That’s it, no more sci-fi weekends for the two of you.”

Clark ignored them as he looked at it, studied it, and knew that there was no telling what would happen the moment they stepped through. He was somewhat relieved that both Power Girl and Nightwing had agreed to take over some of the duties for the league in Diana and Bruce’s absence. Having the two of them there to help tighten the slack made the choice of going through the portal even easier. Once more he looked at it, considered what could happen, and knew that regardless his friends needed help. He believed that stepping through this portal wouldn’t be a one way trip, but he had no idea of what could exist on the other end. He looked at those coming with him. John, Shreya, and Wally stood ready. The four of them walked toward the portal, and then they stepped through it.

He felt sick, exceptionally so, and it rippled through his entire body. It felt like he was being stretched beyond what should have been impossible. Everything grew bright for a moment before the group stepped out. The first sounds he heard was someone gasping, and then retching. He tried to pin it down, and then he realized that the one who was doing it was him. He was on his knees, silently begging God to let this pass quickly. Normally teleportation didn’t bother him, so the only thing he could think of was Magic. He stood, and looked at the others. All of them looked okay, but they all looked younger. He looked at his own hands and realized that he looked younger as well.

“Woah, anyone else notice this?” Wally asked.

There was a sound, and the four of them noticed a group three girls walking toward them, “My, I believe that something interesting has just fallen into our world.”

Clark looked at them, especially the one speaking, and noticed that their skin tones were different. One was a robin's eggshell blue, Another was a light purple, and the one speaking was close to flesh tone, but off, almost like it was flesh tone mixed with gold. All of them had hair styles that ranged from the eighties right up to the last decade. And he hated to admit it, but every last one of them oozed sexuality.

“Dagi, he’s cute, can we keep him?”

“Ugh, Sonata, stop being the worst.”

Sonata, the robin’s eggshell blue one, looked toward the light purple one, “I’m not the worst Aria! ‘Sides I saw you checking him out too!”

Aria rolled her eyes, her hand going through one of her oversized dark and light purple pig tails, “Checking him doesn’t mean taking him home.”

Finally, ‘Dagi, growled, “Enough!” she looked at Clark, and the others, “You’ll have to forgive them, they’re idiots.”

She circled them something like a predator circling prey, “Funny, I don’t sense magic on any of you. Oh, great power to be sure, but no magic. That’s a shame.”

“Adagio, it’s not like we could do anything about it. We don’t even have our pendants anymore.”

“Shut up,” Adagio growled as she grabbed Aria by her tube top, “They don’t need to know everything.”

Having heard quite enough from the peanut gallery Shayera stepped forward. She walked toward the obvious leader, and did the one thing she knew would be sure to get attention. She grabbed her shoulder, and shoved her into the wall, “We’re looking for someone, we want to know if anyone appeared, like us, and where they are.”

The girl glared at Shayera, and without any hesitation at all she opened her mouth. The sound that came out was soft, soothing, calming, and Shayera felt herself swaying. She felt the girl touch her shoulder and she fell to the floor.

“That’ll teach her to shove a siren!” Aria shouted.

“Idiot! They don’t need to know everything!”

This time a green bubble formed around both Adagio and Aria. Adagio opened her mouth, but the sound didn’t get past the bubble. John looked toward the blue one standing off to the side.

“So, want to answer our simple questions?”

She rubbed her foot, “Umm, We didn’t see anyone, but you really need to check with Sunset Shimmer. Her, and her friends, are the ones that’s really going to know. Could you let my sisters down now? We were just playing, honest.”

He looked at Shayera, relieved that she seemed to be coming out of it, and nodded. He released them and they looked at Sonata.

“Okay, officially we both owe you,” Adagio said, “Like my little sister said check with Sunset and her friends. If anyone is going to know, it’s going to be them.”

The three of them headed into the building, and John heard the sound of a throat clearing. He looked at a dark blue woman, who had a lighter shade hair, tapping her foot.

“While I see no problem with dressing up in costumes, this is a school, and I am going to suppose that the lot of you are new students. Please, come inside, and we will get you registered.”

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