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Hail King Sombra

We are all just stories in the end. Official scribe to his Royal Highness King Sombra of the Crystal Empire. His tales are as varied as they are poignant, sad and bittersweet. Remember them well.

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The Mad Seeress of the North Chapter 14, "Predictions and Secrets" · 6:03am Mar 20th, 2017

Crazy weekend, but yeah, the new chapter of Mad Seeress of the North is queued up in GDocs, waiting for the light of tomorrow to be made live. It's a tick longer than my usual chapters, - 4,480 words, but that's because I'm bouncing back and forth between the two armies. There are some crazy revelations in this chapter, so buckle up.

Nyx won't be in this or the next chapter, but that's because she's stuck in the future and the Marazons she's hanging out with are planning a protest march to Canterlot to appeal to the reigning Princesses to get some help against King Sombra. Yeah...let me know how THAT works out for ya, Nyxie :pinkiegasp:

So whatever, here's your preview of this upcoming chapter, "Predictions and Secrets"...

Sombra came out of his tent, squinting in annoyance at the bright, noonday sun. Out here, in the open, at the foot of the Seven Mare Mountains, there was not as much cover as had been around the original Marazon encampment and for most of their trek southwards and it had naturally annoyed the King of Shadows. Melting into a more pliable form, he snaked across the face of the tent, sticking to its shaded, cooler side. Iron Blade watched him from the corner of his eye, but lost track of the moving darkness at its edge closest to him. It did not matter. He knew where the King was going to appear -

The Commander glanced down, noticing he now cast not one but two shadows, the one not his own sprouting emerald and crimson eyes, their piercing gaze demanding his attention.

Blade grunted in acknowledgement of his lord’s presence, but turned his eyes back to his sword.

“You lavish that blade with the affection of a lover,” the darkness rumbled in amusement.

Another grunt. “She keeps me alive, commands respect and in turn I make love to her,” the red stallion said simply. “There is little else to do while awaiting battle.”

“It has always been your way,” the shadow admitted. The eyes turned, gazed at the pole and the Commander could feel its mood change, growing brooding, then irritated, remembering well why he had hefted Dark Horse’s head up onto a pole for all to see. If Blade didn’t stop the restless Umbrum’s slowly-building anger over it, it would be bad for everypony.

“I think you’ve made your point, my friend,” he began respectfully. “Though I will have to explain your actions to the ignorant and seasoned fighters alike.”

The shadow turned away from the pole to look at Iron Blade. “Fine. Make sure they understand.”

“They understand it was a stupid mistake on Dark’s part,” the red horse acknowledged. “but it also disturbs some that he had been loyal to you for many years and ended up like this.”

“He will have his burial, Blade,” the shadow rumbled. “but not before the point is driven home.”

“And it has been, my king. Surely you do not require me to tell you that. Have you not felt their fear at the sight of this?”

“Their fear has been a most satisfying meal,” the Umbrum admitted, unmistakable pleasure underlying the dual-echoed tone to his voice. “A last service to his king, even after death.” He paused, then resumed in a slightly surprised tone. “Surely you do not believe that is all this is about, Blade.”

“Is it, Sombra?” Blade asked, careful to keep his tone as neutral as possible. “The motive fit well into your lesson. After gorging on the terror of that Priestess in the temple, was it a little too rich and sweet to not experience again?”

“Take care, Blade. You tread where others have perished,” the shadow rumbled, growing in size, darkness growing thicker, rising from the ground now...

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