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    After having to stay in bed yesterday, "The Sky is Gone: Epiphany" continues!

    I have been spending too much time in the cold lately, so I was in bed with a strong fever yesterday. But I feel somewhat better, so the releases continue!

    Stay easy as a filly!

    ~ Fluttercheer

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    Day 174 in the Dark Equestria

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    Stay easy as a filly!

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Back from Movie Land, but still in need of a bit of relaxation before I return to "Aunt Millie" · 5:43pm Feb 25th, 2017

Basically what the title says. Just a quick heads up about my writing progress.
The first initial hype about the movie infos has died down now after two weeks and I slowly get back to writing.
Still, a few days ago, I realized that I'm still getting angry really quickly as a result of certain events from about a month ago (Geez, has it really been so long?!) and those rage fits and spontaneous outbursts aren't good for my mind..... So I need one or two more days of relaxing, before I can write again.
I tentatively want to go back to write "Aunt Millie" next week. I will write another blog entry once that happens, together with some nice new art that was drawn for "Aunt Millie"!^^
And that's all. I hope you will stick around, I promise the wait will be over soon!

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That's right, being angry is not good for the health. Good luck!


Thanks!^^ I feel sorry for letting everyone wait so long, but the fic will be back on track soon!

4436060 Patience is the key to success and rushing brings you to nowhere.

This is great, Scoots.^^
You get plenty of rest these one or two days, you feeling better is what we need.^^


Thanks for your understanding. I will put the utmost effort into the next chapter to make it as good as possible to make up for the wait!


Thanks. :heart:

Heh, you sent out the same blog post for both Aunt Millie and Destroyer of Worlds.

I guess that just means you tentatively look forward to writing both

And sad to hear you've been angry recently :(


Exactly. A slightly varied version for each story. Sadly, FIMFiction.net does not offer to tag two stories in a blog entry at once (yet?), so I had to do this to reach all of my current readers.

And the anger is slowly subsiding, even though a bad taste and feeling still remains from certain events that transpired. :fluttershysad:
In any case, I keep you all updated!

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