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    The new Tempo Boost Story Poll is live on my Patreon account! This is a day late, because I was operating on only 4 hours of sleep yesterday and then still had to go to an appointment and buy groceries, after which I slept pretty much the rest of the day, but now it's voting time!

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    After having to stay in bed yesterday, "The Sky is Gone: Epiphany" continues!

    I have been spending too much time in the cold lately, so I was in bed with a strong fever yesterday. But I feel somewhat better, so the releases continue!

    Stay easy as a filly!

    ~ Fluttercheer

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    Stay easy as a filly!

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There won't be a new chapter for "Aunt Millie" this week anymore (Post contains SPOILERS!) · 7:55pm Feb 12th, 2017

I'm making this quick. Unfortunately, worst has come to worst and there won't be a new chapter for "Aunt Millie" this week anymore. Well, not everything that causes that is bad, but it partially is.
There are several reasons for this. One is finding back the drive to write and the discipline for daily writing after the stressful weeks that are behind me is hard. Another one is a spontaneous outbreak of depressions I suffer from currently.
And a third one, well, is this (SPOILERS):

This is keeping me busy right now and I admit, this sudden reveal would have probably led to me not releasing anything anymore this week anyway, even without depressions and the crap that went down in the last weeks.....
So, this is where it stands. I'm sorry for this, but there won't be a new chapter this week. But I wanted to inform you of this, at least, so you won't wait for nothing.
I'm trying hard to get myself together enough to write and return to my proper schedule and I hope I can do that soon. Please stay tuned until then, the fic will continue!

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I will wait, take your time, no need to rush:twilightsmile: The well-being is importnant for writing


Thank you for your patience. :twilightsmile:

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