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New Year's Resolutions · 3:29am Jan 1st, 2017

So the new year begins tonight which means the resolutions I set for 2016 have come to an end. At the start of 2016 I set three resolutions for myself, and I managed to get through two of the three which is pretty nice if I do say so myself. And I say so.

The first resolution I set was "Don't date". This was because I've had a partner for every year I've been alive, or at least as far as I can remember. Some lasted weeks while others lasted years. I decided to make 2016 my single-only year because I wanted to improve myself. I have never been happier for this resolution to be COMPLETE! I miss having a partner.

The second resolution was "Don't let things get to you". Basically, this meant to not worry or get worked up about things. Even though there were several hiccups throughout this year, whether it was in my personal life or in my writing, I'd have to say I completed this one fairly well. My mom being in the hospital and my car being totaled were the real challenges, but I managed to keep myself calm and not worry. Everything turned alright after all.

The third, which I failed, was "Release all past grudges, except for one". I couldn't keep this one. I'm a person who holds grudges and I have a problem letting them go. Apparently, I failed it so much I couldn't even pass it for a New Year's resolution. The reason I said "except one" was because I knew I wouldn't be able to let one specific grudge go against an ex-girlfriend. To be fair, that part of the resolution I did exceptionally well because she's still an awful person and I hate her. Though I suppose that right there is why I failed this resolution. Haha.

So, now 2017 is upon us and I don't feel like working on myself anymore. There's nothing I want to change about myself except the things I know I'm not going to bother with, so there's no point in trying them. I could say I want to improve my writing or art, but I know I'm going to do that. So where do I go from here? What's the use of trying to find a resolution that I'll probably just flop on anyways?

Well, I had an idea. Instead of going for a resolution for myself, why not go for a resolution about myself? For 2017, here's the list of things I'm going to do for WRITING! These all pertain to FimFiction and ponies, of course.

Rewrite PONI - I'm going to rework the first three chapters along with actually completing it. I'm disappointed that I hadn't really done anything to finish it but 2017 will be the year I do so. Maybe even rework the cover art.
Re-edit Above the Fire Sky and add an Epilogue - I did this with Hours Loom and I feel it turned out better thanks to it, so I figure I should do this for Above the Fire Sky, my second ever created story. Why not, right?
Hit the twenty-five story mark - I hit the ten story mark earlier this year and I'd like to hit the twenty mark in 2017, but I'm going to push for twenty-five because I think I can do it. I'm a better writer than when I started in 2016, so here's to hoping!
Write five One-Shots and five Over 100K - This one plays into the twenty-five story mark, but this is more specific. In 2017 I want to push myself to write five one-shots and five stories over 100K. As of right now, I only have four one-shots. Three of those were for groups here on FimFiction. I don't write one-shots very often, so I'd like to push for five more one-shots in 2017. For the 100K stories, I only recently hit 100K on my story Relationships are Evil. It takes a lot of work to do, but I think I can pull it off in 2017. Of course, I actually have to finish RaE first... Oh, what's that? I already have two of the six remaining chapters already written? And I've got all six already outlined? Well how about that.

Anyway, that's all for my resolutions and what not. If you've decided to read this jumbled mess, why not tell me what your resolutions are down in the comments? I'd love to cheer you on! I'm living proof that you can get through resolutions, after all!


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