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There are two lives: The life you live before you see a unicorn, and the life you live after.

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  • 1 week
    Dislikes: Why they're necessary, but should be renamed.

    So, obviously, the pace at which people are putting new content onto the site has stagnated lately, for obvious reasons. Experimentally, I tried checking out Wattpad, to find more stories to read. And yet, most of what was rated highly and showcased on the site seemed mediocre at best. It was mainly stories from years ago that had many years to accumulate votes. I've encountered similar problems

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    9 comments · 88 views
  • 2 weeks
    Dumb Tidbits from Pony Life (and FiM) Character Bios

    You can find them here, but I picked out the notable bits:

    • Apparently, there exists a potion of INFINITE KNOWLEDGE. This has many, many implications.
    • Angel and Gummy are getting last names, being Bounce and Snap respectively.

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    5 comments · 51 views
  • 6 weeks
    Is this a good idea?

    So, I've had this concept reflecting around in my head for a while, though I'm not sure if it would bring an amusing bit of closure to people or just come off as a tad mean-spirited. Basically, I've been thinking of planning a sort of mass eulogy for the best fanfics posted to the site that never got finished, either by myself or with help from other interested parties (probably the latter, if I

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    5 comments · 75 views
  • 7 weeks
    Thoughts Half Baked #3

    Hello, and welcome to this third installment of the blog series where I go over semi-decent story ideas I'm not going to actually use. Because I have minor writer's block at the moment and want to get in more than a page of work this evening. Today, I'll be covering a random assortment of concepts.

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    5 comments · 53 views
  • 11 weeks
    Show and Tell: An Indie Hidden Gem

    I'm in a sharing mood at the moment, and this game I finished a while back deserves more love. Basically nobody was or is talking about it. It's a unique take on the beat-em-up genre that our friendship-focused fandom should arguably appreciate called Way of the Passive Fist:

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Yet Another Update Blog · 3:01am Dec 10th, 2016

Hi, all. So, long story short, the fall semester is coming to an end at my college. This means I have a whole month with lots of free time for writing. Expect a general increase in my writing output. I'm going to finish up In the Clouds, and then begin work on another short multi-chapter fic. Oh, also convert my latest piece of original fiction (the last one from that creative writing class) into horsewords. I'm not sure if it fits the tone of MLP very well, but AUs and darkfics are things, so why not, right?

Report Thought Prism · 199 views · Story: In the Clouds · #winter break #update
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