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A Form of Flattery · 6:43pm Nov 30th, 2016


so, I have never before been parodied. I see it as a sign of recognition, rather than an affront. You do not parody insignificant art, after all, but only something of value, something of importance and flair...

Right, now that I am through with the short but wonderful "ego-moment" - my dearest archfrenemy Prane decided to grace me with a spoof of my tale The Rose and the Serpent and grant us all a piece called...

The Rose and the Snek...

"Snek"... How can you not love him? No, really - go over and give the old knave some sugar.


Comments ( 2 )

No no no, you got it all wrong. That was supposed to be an affront, a deeply hurting insult, not a gift! Suffer, now!
Curse my gentle nature.


:pats him on the head: There, there... You will do better next time, I am sure.

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