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Updated Illustrations for "The Iron Horse!" · 12:27am Nov 19th, 2016

Just a quick note here, folks. We're very close to getting every chapter illustrated! We've got one from "In Two Minds, Part 2," where Gadget confronts Turing Test, who tells her that, if Twilight no longer wants her around, she won't object, even if it means her death. Gadget reacts appropriately.

Additionally, we've got an updated version of the picture of Pinkie Pie teaching Turing Test to slip on a banana peel. Folks pointed out that Pinkie's smile was a little too wide, bordering on creepy, so Green went ahead and made it a bit more normal.

Until next time, folks! I'm still working on the chapter as of this post, and I'll give a status update soon. :eeyup: In the meantime, you can always check out all the pictures updated so far over on the gallery.

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