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Magnifying Glass and her Daughters · 10:04pm Nov 7th, 2016

And to follow up, here's Magnifying Glass's expressions.
Right here.
The image insert device is being a pain again.
Hopefully Whitewolf Stormrunner can give me a hand again.
And yes she did. Here you go everyone.

On that note, I'd just like to thank Wolf for all her help and encouragement and the rest of my followers, 6samuelb, Hook Echo, Archivist Nightwatch and Fractured Shard of Ice, for getting me this far. You're all fantastic!
The expressions are as follows:
Top-Left: An instance of the Countess's regular abuse upon her niece, Derpy.
Monocular and Binocular laugh at her suffering like the worthless nags they are.
You may start grinding your teeth now. :twilightangry2::twilightangry2::twilightangry2:
Top-Right: Two of the most common expressions of Countess Magnifying Glass.
(Left: Villainous Smirk-'All neer-do-wells do 'ave 'em' Right: Unimpressed raised eyebrow while cradling her crop meaningfully "Are you trying to be funny?" sort of thing)
Bottom-Right: Fancy Pants giving the three bulling noblemares a right royal dressing-down.
I tell you, writing that was extremely satisfying. :yay:
Bottom-Left: The unseen Cascadius getting his point across.
Reminiscent to the 'Do you feel in charge?' scene from the Dark Knight Rises.
I mainly did this as an excuse to draw Fancy Pants chewing 'em out. It seemed to be W.S's favourite scene judging by her immense rejoice in the comments.
I honestly didn't mean to make Monocular and Binocular that ugly but I was kind of pleased with it.
The fat one looks distinctly pig-like and the thin one looks startlingly like a baboon!
I really impress myself.
If you'd like me to illustrate a particular scene from my fic at some point, let me know.
I'm enjoying this.

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Comments ( 7 )

Okay, here you got, Purple! Always glad to help!:ajsmug::twilightsmile:
Okay, click in the l'il picture icon at the top of the comment box, copy/pasted the image URL into the "Image URL" thing below where the picture is supposed to go to be previews to make sure it's a valid link, then I just hit the green "Add Image" button in the lower left hand corner of the l'il box.
(And yes, that was copy/pasted. I'm being a lazy l'il gal this evening.:rainbowwild:)
There ya go!

And Purple, you can just call me "Wolf", if you want to. All my online buddies do.:raritywink:

4289319 Thanks a bunch, Wolf. :pinkiesmile:
So what do you think of this lot?

4289332 You're quite welcome, Purple.

And to be honest, I think that the Countess and her daughters are all mud-ugly and mean, and that I want to take something hard and heavy to their worthless heads and hides for hurting Derpy and making her cry.

Oh, and I want to give Fancy THE biggest hug of his life for coming to her rescue like the honorable stallion that he is!

4289706 Good to know it had the intended effect. :twilightsmile:

4289757 If there is a particular scene or character you'd like to see illustrated, let me know.

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