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    Black Lives Matter, my dudes.

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The Internet is Leaking (also updates) · 5:45pm Nov 5th, 2016

plz no

In other news, Skype a shit, and Discord is 2pure4thisworld. If you have me on skype/know me/etc. but don't have me on Discord, drop me a PM and we'll bang, ok I'll add you. I've even got a Discord chat basically dedicated to playing vidya gaems with other cool peeps, so let me know if that interests too.

In other other news, pulling lots of shifts at the pharmacy, might have discovered cocaine in the disposal bin, might be having surgery on my jaw, definitely having surgery on my foot, and I also managed to find some time in between all this to meet some people IRL.

It was fun.

In other other other news, SA Podcast is back on track, with last week featuring solocitizen. Damn good author, battletech enthusiast, and all round massive nerd/swell guy. Check it out


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Comments ( 8 )

Bwa? What's happening that requires surgery? And how do you accidentally lose cocaine in a trash bin?

In other news, Skype a shit, and Discord is 2pure4thisworld.

My thoughts in a nutshell. The only reason I even got a replacement account for Skype is because not that many people use Discord. I do wish more people used it, but I guess that's how things work out. Anyway, I'm ManaphyFM #7183 on Discord. Feel free to add me if you want.

Anyway, I do hope your surgery goes well, and I wish you all the best!

Pharmacies in britbong offer a service for disposing of unused medication. People drop in pills they're no longer taking, we remove any/all personal information on them (for data protection reasons), then we send them away to be incinerated.

I was checking through the stuff we were due to send off, and happened to find a little baggy of white powder in amongst this massive pile of drugs. Showed it to the pharmacist, she was like NOPE, so we just put it back to be killed with fire.


Sounds like you're having fun... minus the surgery.

Surgery? :raritydespair:

I hope you recover quickly then. :raritywink:

It leaked a doge all over that sign, if you'll recall.

Author Interviewer

My only thought is "who's that, snorting the pizza?"

There is no pizza. He's not trying to snort anything. wtf

French people are weird

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