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Crimsion Ink

Greetings newcomers! I'm Crimson Ink! <3 Sadly, I am no longer online. But feel welcome to check out my page, blogs, and stories! Though I will not reply, feel free to comment! :D Pony up! -CI :yay:

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    This is it. . .

    Greetings my dear stalkers. Greetings in a farewell seem so bittersweet.

    That's how this is for me. And here I said I wouldn't get emotional. *throws toughness out the window* Bring on the waterfall! But not before, I say what need and want to say.

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    The times grows near.

    I'm off to write that one blog were all my emotions come pouring out in one big heap as I wish all I love good-bye.

    Just a heads up!

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This is it. . . · 12:23am Oct 26th, 2016

Greetings my dear stalkers. Greetings in a farewell seem so bittersweet.

That's how this is for me. And here I said I wouldn't get emotional. *throws toughness out the window* Bring on the waterfall! But not before, I say what need and want to say.

I look back, a year or two ago and coming here. Oh, how ignorant was I, but I loved it from the start. My first user of any site. My first story ever written! I was so happy, so proud. Then when I got followers, that exuberent feeling was amazing! Who knew a number could make you feel so special?

That was only the beginning. Time went on ahead, trailing behind her treasures. more stories to be read and more to be written. People who I came to like and liked me. followers who became friends. People who made me laugh, who cared about what I did and wrote, and people who would go out of their way to talk to me. Many a bad day was made better when I came on and each good day made great!

One of the things I loved was to come home and click the Fimfiction button. I'd see all the people who cared to give me words. Kind words, funny words, caring words. They made me light up and my whole world.

So many fond memories. So many times spent with people I've come to love. Each one is fresh in my mind and deep in my heart. I don't have many sad or even negative memories or thoughts about Fimfiction. this has always been a happy place filled with happy people come to love and share what they love: Ponies.

That was one of the happiest times of my life so far. It made the harsh, teen years doable. It made them brighter in a million ways. and when the sun went dark and I had to leave, it cut my heart. Even now, my heart and soul aches because of what I'm leaving. It will foever miss it. Miss all the good and the bad. The people and the site. All I had and I all I can never have now or ever again. But I'll alwas remember what I did have and how I loved it.

If I could show you my face, smilling with tears. If I could show you my heart, broken but beating with the promise of healing. If I could show you the love and emotions and feelings and affections I have for you all and this site and everything and everyone in it. If I could do that, I wouldn't need to say a word. If I could, i would. I would hug you all. The human way of expressing deep fond emotions. you would feel me and know that somewhere out there, there was a girl that you made a difference in her life for the better. That she was grateful beyond words and her memory would never let her forget.
If I could, I would show you a girl in whose heart you, the site, and the fadom shall forever remain in.

I, the girl or the mare, wish you all the best. I'll remember, I'll never forget, and in heart I'll always be here. Crimson Ink is a part of Fimfiction and vice versa. As long as it's here, as you all are here, then so will I.

Thank you my friends, thank you everypony!

-Pony up forever!

- Crimsion Ink, A.K.A Hannah . ( or crimsy/inky )

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I enjoyed the time that I was able to talk to you and I loved being able to call you a friend and I hope you have a wonderful life and maybe be able to come back some day so instead of saying good bye how about we say see you later possible. :heart:

Well mate, it's been a good run. Just promise me one thing, 'kay? Just promise me that you'll never forget us- your fimfiction family.

Dang, I wish I could've talked to you more while you were here. But you know what? It's good knowing that you got to see us one last time. Goodbye Crimsion, and remember- Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.

:fluttercry: *Hugs* I'll miss you, Crimsy!!!! :raritycry::raritycry::raritycry:

:pinkiesad2: We love you, Crimsion.

It was a pleasure seeing you on fimfic. I may have not had a chance to go through your stories (Lazy is in my username after all! :twilightsheepish:) (And I DID enjoy your art and conversations :pinkiesmile:) BUT I still have to say you are definitely a little ray of sunshine on this site, and you will be missed.

Good luck with real life stuff and school and whatever else you get up to! And keep that creative spirit. :yay:

- Pony Up! :trollestia:
(or would is be Ponying down now? D: )

It was nice while it lasted.

*salutes* We'll still be here when you return when you're 18, an adult, and completely free to make your own decisions, and we'll all be here to greet you with mega-hugs.:twilightsmile:

Until then, take care of yourself, you big ball of happiness.:raritywink:

4271252 Thank you, I really appreciate your comment.:pinkiesmile:

4271260 Of course I won't:pinkiesad2:

I like that advice. Thank you.

4271294 I'm glad that we are friends.

4271273 *hugs back* I'll miss you too bro bro.:fluttercry:

4271275 Thank you Vanilla. You will be missed,:pinkiesad2:

4271279 Aw, thank you!:pinkiesmile:

Thanks, I will!:twilightsmile: And may I just say that you have played a big part in encouraging me with my art. You showed such an intrest in it that it's touched me so. And so thank you, very much!

It's pony up and chin up.:twilightsmile:

I'll be honest, I didn't know you that well.
But I believe I speak for almost everyone here when I say that we'll miss you.
We'll see you again, one day.
Until that day comes, never forget us.
We certainly won't forget you.

4271292 Thank you, I appreciate that.:scootangel:

4271315 *cries happy tears* Thank you!!!

*hugs* I wish you didn't have to go.

4271300 You will be missed too :fluttercry:

4271364 Did you see Skype and my user page? :fluttercry:

4271368 ...nu...now I am...

I found you in the times of your string of, I'm leavings and I'm backs, and I wish I could have takes to you more. In the few days I pays true attention to you, I found someone I wish I could know better. I found someone who is loyal, kind, generous, honest, causes people to laugh with her, and someone who is, all in all, magical. This person was someone who deserved my attention. To bad I may never get to give it to her. Even if I knew you for a time so short, I will miss you, my good Crimson Ink. A true friend.

4271316 Meep!:rainbowwild:

But I would try to convince your parents that online interaction is still somewhat healthy for social life, with a well-detailed explanation with cited sources to help prove your argument. But that's just me.:derpytongue2:

You shall be missed :heart: ( I know I never was one to strike up a conversation with you at all but I did enjoy reading your blogs from time to time:twilightsheepish:) and you won't ever be forgotten :rainbowkiss:

4271428 Thank you skystream, thank:pinkiesad2:

Goodbye friend.:pinkiesmile:

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