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Crimsion Ink

Greetings newcomers! I'm Crimson Ink! <3 Sadly, I am no longer online. But feel welcome to check out my page, blogs, and stories! Though I will not reply, feel free to comment! :D Pony up! -CI :yay:

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    Thank you all for the extremely kind and touching comments on my previous blog. I hate that this might spoil that mood, but it needed to be made.

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    The times grows near.

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Second to last blog. · 1:20am Oct 26th, 2016

*this is a business blog*

Thank you all for the extremely kind and touching comments on my previous blog. I hate that this might spoil that mood, but it needed to be made.

I'll (truely) be going offline in a bit, so a few things before I go. One, I hope to post on last blog in the morning with an art piece. I couldn't do it tonight. When I do it however, I will read any messages but not reply. I don't want to start a conversation to start before it can finish.

Then I'll add a few more finishing touches to my account before closing ths door and putting away the key.

As for any future return, I don't think at this point it will be possible. Not for Crimson Ink, but for me. This account has been through so much and has had it's gold prime time. Though it's lifetime may have been cut short, it had a good run. Coming back years later as Crimson would feel like it rising from the grave. I don't want that. If I come back, I want a fresh start. But don't worry, I'll find you all and contact you if it happns No promises.

Lastly, I will in the future upload my old stories again. That's a promise!

That's all folks.

From this Crimson pegasus to you all; Thank you, goodnight, and goodbye until next time!:yay:

-Pony up!


ps: I also did a review blog you all might want to read:scootangel:

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Comments ( 9 )

Have a wonderful nights sleep. :pinkiehappy:

Please for the love of all that is holy please come back...... I don't want to lose a friend forever.............

4271377 Yu won't, you'll awlways be my friend.:pinkiesmile:

4271379 ik but I don't want you to leave....

*hugs tightly*

*hugs* see youz laterz!:derpytongue2:

It would take some getting used to for a new account, but we'll still love you all the same.:scootangel:

Plus, I'm always gonna be thegamerator10, so there's that.:twilightsheepish:

*tries to say something but winds up staying silent and turning away with tears in eyes*

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