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Halloween's nearing, and Unique's getting his costume sorted out. · 12:09am Oct 20th, 2016

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Oh noes, Nightmare Unique is back lol kewl picture

4262556 Little child, as you lay down to sleep
Tonight your soul will be mine to keep
As you dream of whimsical charm
From the shadows I come to do you harm
Your flesh I'll rip, your bones I'll snap
And never will you wake from your nap
Little child, be very scared and afraid
For you, many nightmares tonight I've made

:) < - - - - - Click

Well I just creamed my pants.

4262651 I don't know if this means that you found it, though either way I don't understand why you replied with that.

4262677 Yeah i hate it when that happens. It's so hard to eat a custard cream slice without that happening.

4262684 Just drop your pants and think warm thoughts, you buffoon. (puts on rubber glove with one finger covered in poo)

I give free prostate examinations now.

4262686 Oh you're a cheeky bastard. :3 and that's why you and Unique are awesome.

4262696 Not as cheeky as these, though.

Click this for something very 'cheeky'

You're gonna watch the link and replace the women with men. I'm calling it right now.

4262705 God damn you could play casual bongos on those cheeks.

4262708 If i didn't have as much respect for women as i do, I'd smear exotic butters on those cheeks.

And nothing else. I just want to smear something with butter.

Baroque, zip those pants back up you pervert. XD

4262718 Shit, you got me. X3

4262720 XD Ah, you do well to make me laugh, you little fruitcake. XD NEVER change, dude.

*Looks at picture* Ooh fun!

*Notices Nightmare Unique with a suit to stuff me into* Ooh Kinky!

4263893 You know this picture is part of a bigger picture I'm doing, right?

4264004 Is that sarcasm or excitement?

The bulge in your pants as you look at my picture could mean anything.

>4264028 The second one. *pulls out chopsticks* I want to see what's inside Nightmare Unique, is it normal Unique with a voice changing spell/ gadget? Or something else?

4264071 ...why were there chopsticks down your...?

Never mind actually. Just pass them here. I need something to eat my ramen noodles with anyway.

4264077 Here you go. *Pulls out a book on how to pull things out of nowhere titled "Hammerspace and how to use it" here this is my spare copy, give it a read why don't you.

4264141 i'll read it as I eat my ramen noodles.

I'm going as a storm trooper this Halloween. I had a custom tazer shaped like a blaster from star wars made. Time to catch those people dressed up like clowns. And taze them. A lot.

4267097 Record yourself tazing suckers and send to me, okay? I will pay you for that footage!

4267629 I really wish I had a camera now. But, I just put all my money into a storm trooper costume and a custom tazer. FUCK!

4268689 Taze a fool and get his/her phone and film it on that then.

4269144 Oh, I really hope I get stalked by a clown.

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