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Amateurish fan fiction writer looking to expand to a greater audience beyond FF.net and mostly reposting my stories from there. Hope you enjoy them!

  • TA Warhorse In Equestria
    A 14th century veteran war charger, having perished upon the field of battle, is given a second chance at life in a strange new world. But can a mare who knows nothing but conflict adapt to a land of peaceful pastel ponies, or will it prove too much?
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Why 'A Warhorse In Equestria' is on hiatus, even though it's just been posted · 12:40pm Sep 21st, 2016

(Re-posted from the comments section for Warhorse)

Just to clarify and forestall any more 'why is this story on hiatus immediately after posting' comments, I'd like to point out that this is in fact a re-posted story first published on fanfiction.net back in 2014, with sporadic updates ever since. In the meantime I've been kept busy writing the second book in my main Ratchet and Clank trilogy (which is posted over there) for the last 16 months and have only recently taken a break from it, during which I typed out a few more chapters of Warhorse.

One of my readers there suggested I make a fimfiction account and post what I had here too in order to broaden the story's potential audience since it wasn't getting much reception, the result of which can be read here. Since I'm going back to finishing off my Ratchet and Clank Story shortly and won't have time for much else otherwise, I didn't want to get anybody's hopes up for new updates anytime soon, and thus elected to tag this story as on Hiatus - because it is - until further notice.

In the meantime I'll try to respond to comments when able and otherwise correct any mistakes in chapters when found, and with any luck I'll be able to start posting again sooner than not. Sorry to disappoint and for any inconvenience this may cause, although rest assured that this story isn't being abandoned and will continue whenever I am able.
Thank you one and all for the overwhelming show of support and for understanding; I can only hope to live up to your expectations and strive to make this story the best it can be.

For those who are interested, you can find some of my other stories - MLP related or not - on Fanfiction.Net at the link here; including an older version of Warhorse that really needs fixing once the fimfiction incarnation is revised and up to scratch. Hope you like them!

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I love how you made the "Reposted from Fanfiction.net" notice in the description even bigger and made it bold.

Anyways, good luck in writing your stories.

can you link to your ff account so we see your other stuff in the meantime?

tfw you were featured

You gotta do what is right for you. No worries. Come back to the story when you feel ready and able.

also wats ur fanfiction net account

I'd hate to be brash, but when can a new chapter be expected within the months? It's really good.

Your warhorse story has a lot of potential, I love it. If you ever feel finishing a huge story is a bit much maybe try the odd mini story, bite size chunks eh? However it is your creation and I wish you success with your stories. I'll mind my own business now. :-)

Thanks for the heads up man. I can't wait for the next chapter!! Even though I have to.

Ah, an explanation! Good, I was worried!

*pokes the writer*

As already said, warhorse story has a lot of potential, I absolutely love it and I hope you success with all your stories. But perhaps to distracted myself from the wait... Any chance to get a direct link to your "Ratchet and Clank trilogy"? (never really used fanfiction.net)


i certainly can!

Time Heals All is the first book in the series, though it's still kind of messy and needs some serious editing once I've got time to spare.

Whole-Again is the second book in the series and is currently still in progress. Probably around 10 chapters or so remaining until I can consider it done.

The third book is little more than notes right now, although I do have the self explanatory Time Heals All Anthology: Omake Collection for random snips and drabbles. I'd suggest avoiding it until reading the other stories however since it does contain a fair number of spoilers.

Also, in case you or anyone were interested, I do have another MLP story over there as well; albeit more of a proof of concept right now than a proper story. One which is simply called The Crusaders as a temporary placeholder, and happens to be my first foray into crossovers.

Unfortunately it's a bit of an obscure crossover - The Centurions of all things - and hasn't really garnered much attention, so any feedback on whether it could make for a viable story would be appreciated. Hope this helps!

*Pokes the writer*

So... what you are saying is that this Story will eventually return?

Time for the yearly check up.

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