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OC Spotlight: Symphonic Stomp · 3:20pm Jul 25th, 2016

Symphonic Stomp

Inspiration?: She is a ponified version of my favorite musician, Lindsey Stirling. The chapter she will show up in will be a personal ode to Lindsey and her music. She's an awesome musician, an awesome person in general and is also a huge fan of MLP. I don't know if she's a Pegasister though.

"Ah, the Orchestra face. You might want to try showing some emotion when you play. Your face won't crack, you know."

"Pirates don't take orders or ask permission,... They do what they want."


As always, art by my good pal, arcanelexicon! Go toss some attention his way!

Musical Theme: Pretty much any Lindsey Sterling song, ever.

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She'll be showing up in the first Bonus Chapter for Bassdrops and Bowstrings, yes. She'll never play a very large role in any stories; just making a cameo, like other celebrity characters.
I'm going to a live performance by Lindsey later today, so I'm super-hyped.

I've had this twitter post on my Profile for ages under"My life is complete now." :rainbowlaugh:

Given her personality, I think she'd be a Pinkie Pie fan... I mean, her Autobiography is titled 'The Only Pirate at the Party'. Come on!

And that's why I love her. Have you ever seen her dance? She's just full of this boundless energy. She's the only artist who can make me break into spontaneous dance in public. Yeah, Vindicate makes me bob my head and Metal makes me headbang, but Lindsey's song, Electric Daisy Violin, makes me break into full on 'Dance like No-one's watching' dancing.

Here's her Youtube channel. I love how she always looks so happy and animated when she plays. It's another part of why I enjoy her.

And here are some choice videos.

Sounds like a great chapter will be written soon with good characters. I look forward to this. :moustache:

Lindsey is the best, looking forward to her new album ^^

I'm going to her concert later today! Eeee~! So excited~!
Yes, I'm fanboying. What about it? Soak it up, friends. Unless I meet a famous author, it's unlikely you'll ever see me like this again.

4112398 I've seen her twice before, not sure if I'll make it to her upcoming show though

*Just got back*
*Is speechless with joy*
... :pinkiehappy:

4113270 Nice, lots of new songs? :raritywink:

Several from her album. She also did a massive medley for all of her video game covers. Except for Pokemon, which she hailed said was excessively ironic, given that more than half of the crowd was playing Pokemon GO!.


Yes. Yes, it went quite well.

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