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Legacy: Inspiration and Motivation · 1:42am Nov 4th, 2019

So, I've decided to try something new. Much like Bassdrops and Bowstrings is inspired and motivated by a collection of fandom pieces, I tend to weave music into the themes of my stories greatly. Sometimes it's after the fact that I hear a song that fits a story and use it as future inspiration. Other times, I find the song first and the story comes after.

Legacy was the former; the idea came before the story, and now I find music that makes me think of the characters and story. So, I decided, how fun would it be to post up those songs, to let my readers see and hear what I listen to while I'm writing about everyone's favorite murder-couple.

Overall Themes

Now, I'd seen RWBY long before I started writing Legacy, but I hadn't stopped and actually listened to the music in depth. Lately, I've come to realize that Red Like Roses: Part 2 actually sums up a lot of the mindset both the main characters are going through, with Vivian singing the female role and Ophilia in the male. There are one or two lines that don't fit perfectly, but they still fit somewhat; it's eerie how well my story matches this song's theme.


So, funny story; I heard Ke$ha on the radio while I was writing a line of Vivian's, and I just started singing along. I normally hate Ke$ha's music - I think it promotes a toxic lifestyle -- but that is Vivian. She's this song in a nutshell, throwing herself into danger, because she wants to live life like she'll die tomorrow. With her lifestyle, she knows it's a distinct possibility, so she doesn't care what she does in the moment. Life is a series of thrills that ends suddenly and early, in a blaze of glory. Interesting fact, Vivian is so much like this song, I often picture her having Ke$ha's voice when imagining how she'd sound.


Sorry for the crap video quality; the OST for Noir is very hard to find, really... In actuality, a lot of the anime Noir makes me think of Ophilia and Vivian. It's two gun-toting assassin girls, being bad-asses and taking names. However, the music in particular, which is mostly sung in Italian, makes me think of our little mobster. I listen to most of the Noir soundtrack when I'm looking for inspiration for Ophilia and, more than once, have even sat down to re-watch an episode of that classic show.

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