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Words whispered into waiting, wanting ears, washing the world with winnowing and winsome wind. We watch with wet eyes while what we want waxes or wanes with every wasted whimper or winning wish.

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Today is the Day, Guys... · 4:26am Oct 12th, 2019

I haven't talked about it a ton, but MLP has literally pulled be from the brink of suicide before. Or rather, the community, my fan projects, and the closer friends I made among bronies have. I'm a 2010 brony and have been here since the old 4chan days of /b/. I've taken strength from this Fandom and this show in my darkest hours, and seeing it end is an actual, physical pain -- a stabbing in my chest like glass embedded in my heart. This is partially because I'm sad to see it go, but also because I'm sad others won't get to experience the ride. Yeah, they can watch the series from start to finish in one sitting now, but it's not the same as waiting with baited breath for the next part to come. Nothing can compare to the stress of spotting Starlight in the background, knowing it would culminate in more villainy. The mystery of the Box from Season 4. The emotional gut-punch of Twilight's Library... Those things were ours, and no one else will feel those things the same way. I'll be fine. It just hurts. It hurts a lot.

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2012 brony myself since the end of session 2 i still rember watching the beginning song trailers for session 3 i would come home from school every Monday and the first thing i would do is watch the new episode on demand it hurts to see it go but at least it hurts cause i cared

I... You know, that's actually incredibly prolific. Thank you. I never stopped to think about why it hurts so much.

and the way i see it its not the ending that counts but the ride i would rather it hurt cause it matted to me than not cause it dint this show has been on off the best things in my life so far i love it but as they say if you love something let it go

it hurts cause we care if we don't care is anything worth it if pain tells us we are alive than hurt tells us things matter

I've only been a brony for about 4-5 years. But the impact it has had on me is incredible. I was saw a pic that I can really relate to. "Came for the show, stayed for the fandom". It's literally what I did. I barely watch it any more. But I keep coming back to this sight. And I'm just happy. After a long day of work or if I'm just feeling down. It helps. If I hadn't seen the show, I may never have read your storys. And the thought kinda scares me. I love your work and without it, I don't know where I would be today. So through the fire and the flames, we carry on.

The fandom will still live on. Don't you worry. Along with writing fics, people can take the lessons learned from the show and display them into the real world.

Old blog check!

... yep. Checks out. This is definitely an old blog.

I came because of quarantine. It only dies if you let it die.

We will never let it die!

That's actually really deep, I might end up using that in a story.

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