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Words whispered into waiting, wanting ears, washing the world with winnowing and winsome wind. We watch with wet eyes while what we want waxes or wanes with every wasted whimper or winning wish.

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Bleep Blorp: It's Mah Birthday and Update on Stories · 8:02pm Sep 23rd, 2019

So, I don't normally go on about my birthday; my age and when I was born isn't really something I like tossing around all wild and stuff. But I don't know, maybe I just feel like I should be. It's the one day of the year when I want to just relax and be happy, and it seems more often than not that terrible things happen today. But this birthday, so far, has been pretty decent. Fingers crossed that it stays that way.

On another topic, I am still having troubles with Fiddler in the Hoof. It's a real slog, but I'm determined to do it for my readers. Legacy's next chapter is almost ready to be published, once I find a new editor for it. Mr. Salespony stepped down as the editor for that story to pursue his own writing; a decision I wholeheartedly support. So expect to see ads up for editors shortly. Amorphous has hit a snag as well, but not as intense as Fiddler. With some tweaking and reworking, I can fix the issue with minimal problems.

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Happy [insert number here] birthday! May it be the best one yet! :twilightsmile:

Happy Birthday, hun!

happy birthday

It went well indeed. :3 Thanks!

Thank you very much!

Happy belated birthday and don't worry you can do it! Also,I heard legacy and as you already know I look forward to it...very much so

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