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Why the name? FMA is awesome. Why the avatar? I like One Piece even more. Welcome to my page and enjoy the stories!

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    Man, I haven't done a blog post since 2020.

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    It's hard to believe it's been over 10 years since I started writing stories about colorful ponies. (Coincidentally, guess what the latest English release of Infinite Dendrogram deals with?)

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    Hello all,
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I'm in heaven. · 12:51pm Jul 23rd, 2016

To recap, I tried one of only twenty pancakes made at a popular restaurant, valiantly fought alongside a bunch of Japanese to capture a Rhydon in Pokemon Go, helped some French tourists order amazing yakitori, and (most importantly of all) saw One Piece: Film Gold and it kicked so much ass! Dear lord, it's been an amazing day and it's only my first full day in Osaka!

Oh and get ready, because I may have just finished up editing a certain chapter of a story.

Onward, to more adventures tomorrow!

Comments ( 2 )

Good for you. Yakitori are those octopuss balls, right?

I can't wait until Film Gold is on kissanime. Have you seen the Heart of Gold special?

Saw it on crunchyroll. I always thought these movies weren't canon but the way it ended looks like it's segwaying straight into the show.

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