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Anyone located in or near Osaka? · 12:35pm Sep 27th, 2017

I have a semi-secret mission should you choose to accept it. Pm me for your details.


I'm in heaven. · 12:51pm Jul 23rd, 2016

To recap, I tried one of only twenty pancakes made at a popular restaurant, valiantly fought alongside a bunch of Japanese to capture a Rhydon in Pokemon Go, helped some French tourists order amazing yakitori, and (most importantly of all) saw One Piece: Film Gold and it kicked so much ass! Dear lord, it's been an amazing day and it's only my first full day in Osaka!

Oh and get ready, because I may have just finished up editing a certain chapter of a story.

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Crazy Day in Japan · 8:56am Jun 18th, 2018

So I woke up in Kyoto at 8am this morning to a literal earthquake of 5.3 magnitude that had it’s epicenter literally miles from my Airbnb.

We were stranded in Kyoto for most of the day because the public transport system was screwed, but made it safely to Osaka. I have Flitter with me and am taking pictures.

I have lots I want to write, and stuff will start to come out after I get back to the states next week.

Viewing 1 - 3 of 3 results