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Final fantasy forever

I am here only to please my fellow readers and am eager to see mlp Fim used in any artistic form and I lookforward to seeing the tallents of the internets writers brought to life

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    Memento Mori

    One year.
    One year ago today, marked the end.

    To those who understand the title, you will know, even if thoughts were fleeting on it, they will come back.
    One year ago, we said goodbye, and one year ago, we said, and perhaps still say now...

    Memento Mori, Unus Annus.

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    Goodbye Unus Annus

    Chances are, many of you will be confused as to what this means, if that is the case, explaining it to you, sadly would serve no purpose, not anymore at least. Those of you who do, who know exactly what I am talking about, understand all too well, that no words are needed.

    Memento Mori.

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    Another blog for a friend.

    The same friend as in my last blog asked me to once more make a blog post with a link to one of theirs.
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    A blog for a friend

    This blog is just a bit of a notifying. A friend of mine, TwiPon3 was banned from Fimfiction. I have heard from them a few details about the incident, but as I have only heard one side do not know the full picture for certain. All I know for sure is that it directly involved some of the admins. As of now they are banned from using the site and are currently trying to get their stories and

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    promotion/shout out

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How is everyone! · 2:41am Jul 23rd, 2016

Hello Fimfiction. For those of you who know, I rarely ever blog. But recently someone made a certain blog and I felt that a rather sad truth. So I'm going to try and bring out as many smiles as I can. For starters, how are all of you?

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Oh fine though I haven't been active on the sight that much because of life? How about you?


Won't ask who that is unless you want to talk about it?


I wish I had that much of a life. I've been up and down today. Though I'm trying to feel more up.

TBH, tired but somewhat determined and some of my midnight feels kicking in.
But if I finish tonight I get a whole week off, so.
So I'm alright
My Sans sweater is cuddly


I don't know the former but the latter I do. Well if they're being uncivil then good riddance I suppose


Uh, midnight feels? Finish what?? Uh...Good to see you :unsuresweetie:

4107477 Yep. I'm more emotional at night so sometimes teenagerish kicks in.
You too

4107489 How are you?


I've been up and down today. Feeling both happy and sad, I'm somewhat better now but I was pretty torn earlier

4107505 Fair enough.
Glad you feel better

I've been fine. How have you been?



That's good. Been better, but I'm alright now

I'm glad my blog inspired you. :twilightsheepish:




All that you said was true. I think FIM could be a happier place

4107638 So... what are you up to? I'm finishing chores up so I can have a week off


Best of luck. I'm searching around new grounds for anything interesting. So far, nothing. Only thing to catch my eye was a horror game that wasn't even scary called free ice cream

4107529 Glad to hear it. I DID have to spend an hour or so going to the dentist office, and a good ten minutes to get my grandma some Snyders chips. But other than that, things have been well.


Did you have a checkup? And that was nice of you

4107695 Not a checkup. They shaved the tooth down a bit, just so the other one will come out straight.

4107742 No. I'm off to bed now. Good night!

4107739 Heh. Youtube? Or are you lookin for new games?


Both really. There were some indie games that turned out great, and I'm not even talking about the famous ones.

4107790 Have you ever heard of a game called 'The Last Door'?
I know some random online ones


I don't believe I have. I think I'll search it up.


So far it looks nice. Thanks for telling me of it. For now though, Goodnight Shine. See you in the morning

Hey hey! long time no see! :twilightsmile:


How have you been? It's been a while hasn't it


Yes it has. :raritydespair:

But it is good to hear from you again, friend. :twilightsmile:

what a nice, friendly blog! i knew i followed you for a reason :) i'm good today too, eating pineapple for breakfast, listening to 50 cent. i miss Matt tho :x


Have a new dog. His name is Bonk, because he bonks into everything.


He's bitey though, needs training... :applejackunsure:


Yes. He is very puppy. :pinkiehappy:

4108636 I think he likes bonking around though, so cute.

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