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Final fantasy forever

I am here only to please my fellow readers and am eager to see mlp Fim used in any artistic form and I lookforward to seeing the tallents of the internets writers brought to life

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Twilight has been conflicted about being a princess while her friends support it she worries about the responsibility it brings Princess Celestia has made a new holiday celebration in dedication to the magic of friendship. However not all have been catering to the reign of the Alicorns. Some begin to question how fit Celestia is to rule Equestria. When an old student of Celestia returns to the land after years of self exile bent on usurping the throne of the mare he view as his mother the flames of despair, hunger, and doubt are fanned into a ravenous fire that seeks to consume Equestria whole. When the the rebels declare themselves an independent nation and annex eastern Equestrian conflict erupts and Twilight finds herself in a war she's utterly unprepared for. As their situation grows dire the world begins to back and question Equestrias new leader bringing the conflict on a global scale leaving Equis to decide whether to remain loyal to Equestrian crown or aid the rebellious UGER in their so-called fight for unity and equality

PS If you didn't like it say why. same goes as if you do like it
(takes place after season three before season four)

Artist who generously made the cover art

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