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Final fantasy forever

I am here only to please my fellow readers and am eager to see mlp Fim used in any artistic form and I lookforward to seeing the tallents of the internets writers brought to life

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A blog for a friend · 2:34am Aug 13th, 2019

This blog is just a bit of a notifying. A friend of mine, TwiPon3 was banned from Fimfiction. I have heard from them a few details about the incident, but as I have only heard one side do not know the full picture for certain. All I know for sure is that it directly involved some of the admins. As of now they are banned from using the site and are currently trying to get their stories and blogs back. This is just a summary of their current situation.

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Comments ( 10 )

I haven't been active here in awhile, so I need to play catch up.

It's fine. I don't know the full details myself, I'm hoping to, but I'm just trying to help a friend out

Sorry to hear.
It’s never a good thing when a ban happens.

yeah, I just hope they at least get their work back

Damn, that sucks to hear man, I hope they get everything back up soon

Comment posted by SlacxtheMad deleted Aug 16th, 2019

Why did you delete your comment? It’s fine if you don’t want to tell me

I said something that I meant to say on a different blog and out of context would of ether been bad or made no sense at all so yeah.


It's alright. I've made a slip up like that a time or two myself :twilightblush:

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