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(Current avatar is a base that I will be coloring in.) Love, is the life blood of the living force; to not embrace it, to scorn it, is only to harm thy self.

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Post yer questions......... · 8:46am Dec 16th, 2016

My year-a-versary is 17 days away, so to celebrate it, I want all of you lad's an lass'es ta post questions for me ta answer as a questioner. It don't matter on how blunt, rude or embarrassing they may be, I want you to ask me every thing that you can think of.
So come on already, leave yer questions in the comment's below before new years eve, and I'll answer them all in one blog on Jan 2.

Live long and prosper, good tiding's this season, and may the force give us all a bright future this coming year.

Sir Well Borne

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Comments ( 33 )


How did you find yourself on this site?

That's a good one, keep them up, I want as many questions as possible before New Years Eve.



How has FIM treated you during your time here?

Would you ever try a hoof at making a fan fiction?

Do you have any beliefs regarding the supernatural or paranormal; and if so, what?

4343422 4344533 4344748
All good questions, keep them coming, the more questions I get the bigger the blog I'll writ.:twilightsmile:


4345887 in your photos could ya stop giving creepy "I wish to take you into a dark alley and murder you" faces or worse

:rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss::rainbowlaugh: You'll get your answer in 13 day's pence.:ajsmug:


4345892 if you turned up in a suspicious black van and said "there's no time to explain get in the back of the van" I would still run the other way:rainbowderp:


What element of harmony would you consider yourself to be?

Element or elements? and do they or it have to be cannon, or can I take something else?



If more than one list all that apply, and cannon

Thanks laddie:twilightsmile:


4345896 4348492
Hay, just gonna ask if you two can do this, can ya spread the word about this post? Thank you if ya can.:twilightsmile:



Your welcome.

And I should be able to, how though is your preference of spreading it?

(shrugs) Just post a blog about my blog, that should do it.


You ever play[ed] video games?

And what Element of Harmony would apply to you BESIDES the cannon?


Alright, I'll do that once I get a computer handy

Hm, I'll have ta rack my memory on that first one, and Triple F asked me something similar to your last one.

Let us hope that's soon then, other wise, don't worry about it; cause I answer all these questions on 2 of Jan.



I should be able to make it within the hour

"Responds 13 hours later" So, did ya get it?


What would you rather suffer:

Dying a slow, painful, agonising death, with nobody there, nobody knowing about it and nobody caring, or someone who truly care for dying a painless, peaceful death, with everyone they care for present.

Great, thanks!:twilightsmile:

Now that, is something no one's asked me before,:eeyup: you'll be sure to get a good response on that.:ajsmug: Now, ya got any more for me?


More questions, thank you, and I think you'll find that I kinda live where you no longer do.

S.W.B. P.S. thanks for the follow, here's one in return.:twilightsmile:

4361183 4358103 >4356731 4352295 4345896 4344748

Please give me more questions!:twilightsmile: I really "really!!" want to answer as many as I can get:pinkiecrazy:, so give me all ya got.:rainbowdetermined2:


What's your favorite time of the year?

4365479 4366442
Thank you both, lass an laddie, answers should be out by the end of the day.:twilightsmile:



You sure got a lot of questions :D

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