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Rainbow Dash attacks human · 4:53pm Jul 22nd, 2016

Have you ever noticed this comment tread about Rainbow Dash attacking the human character in HIE? Not kill the human, but knock him out when she first meets him.

There could be other ways to go about this. The human could clearly show submissiveness (since he's likely to be terrified), therefore Rainbow Dash could change her mind about attacking the human, something along the lines . 'Hey, maybe he isn't a monster?' so therefore won't attack him.

Or if did happen, she could say she's sorry for attacking him the first place and gives him a heartfelt hug.

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Comments ( 7 )


Indeed, I know what you mean. :trollestia:

There are only two options to avoid Rainbow's intitial distrustful streak: Show that you are utterly dominant and you're stronger than her, or complete and utter submission so she loses interest or feels bad for you. Faking it works because she's not too bright.

Never done the "RD beats up human on first meeting". But I have done the "RD threatens to beat up human until Twilight tells her to stop". I get where the trope comes from, but like all tropes it is easily done to death.

The problem with RD attacking Humans at first sight is most people write her as a "charge in without thinking, swing blindly" type. Hello! she's a bloody blackbelt! I'd get owned right good and proper!

My HIE has the human DODGE!

It's worse when Dashie knocks down a Spartan III in armor (and other similar characters) from Halo and doesn't die or become crippled for life.

Besides, Dashie is brash, and narrow-minded. If she isn't headbutting like a sprinting CoD noob then I suppose she would stalk her "target" all fucking day long and not give a shit for "its" privacy. What she needs is a good metaphorical sledgehammer to the head sometimes. AJ is similar, but thrice as stubborn and short-sighted so for her it would take a metaphorical wrecking ball.

They're both loyal as fuck though. Family values, responsibility, ect. Redeeming qualities.

Dashie is a stupid brute though even if she doesn't have the muscle. She's heavy handed, blunt and no fucks given for tact.
AJ has a tribal mindset-wait they both do. Is it not a pony? Either attack or hide.

For Dashie to think, "Hey, it's not hostile." is just too much for her. Really, she hardly ever thinks. She reminds me of Gastone from Beauty and the Beast to an extent. "I've been thinking..." "Oh no! Nothing good comes out of that."

Before anyone says I hate Dashie-I don't. Our personalities just clash more often than mine and AJ's. Even my OC's clash with them, but a little less often than me. Ah, somewhat generic farmhand guy with a darker past who went to a city, ran with a gang, and then got himself out of it to return to his calling: agriculture. I would ship him and AJ. My idea, dibs.

Human OC needs to take that opportunity to teach Dashie a lesson on why attacking strangers is not a viable option. Most of the Human OC's are pussies or get fucking knocked down while wearing heavy armor and she never has any injuries. I guess her spine is made of licorice.

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