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Before you criticize someone, you should walk a mile in their shoes. That way, when you criticize them, you're a mile away and you have their shoes.

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[Poll] What Part of Writing Do You Struggle With the Most? · 9:52am Jul 18th, 2016

Just want to see the answers of different people to this question.

As things build up to the climax, I constantly overthink things and find myself freezing up while writing. Meanwhile beginnings feel very low weight to me: I usually just have to introduce my characters and world and make them entertaining. Climaxes I sometimes struggle with if I've written myself into a corner (as I have done so in the past...) which actually I think is part of the reason I freeze up and overthink things whenever I begin preparing the story for a climax. I tend to have no trouble with the falling action at the end of a story, but sometimes I have trouble creating the transition from one climax to the next.

So, what's your writer's kryptonite? What's the arrow in your knee? Submit your answer to the poll!

Comments ( 11 )

Chapter titles!

Actually for me my difficulty is when I grow a world in my head farther and faster than I can show in my writing. When I start writing and say to myself "but I can't do that until I've done this. Until I've shown that, until I've introduced blank."

Often this results in brick walls or large amounts of backtracking and rewriting.

Falling action however seems to be problematic in not just fanfics but even in some professional authors as well.

I'd agree it's the climax -- or at least when you have to fit things together and wrap up loose ends and make sure everything's coherent. Then I'm just like "uhh okay I'll work on this later" and then... not.

Chapter two.

The first sitting I can usually barf out a huge amount of ideas and get a really solid start on any project. And then when I come back to it I'm just like uhhhhh and can't figure out where the fuck I'm going with any of it.

After I get past the second layer I'm usually right to keep going but the process tends to be 4K words on day one and like 100 on day two.

Part of why I want to go back to oneshots a bit is because I have noooo problems with chapter 1. Stuff just comes out of me. Quite a few of my first chapters were written in one day (getting out 3k-7k words in a single day!)

I can't write Non Combat scenes. And I have trouble describing things.

4099072 Yeah, I love those thunderstorm days when the writing just flows out start to finish. It's the Kublai Kahn thing where the whole world just syncs up between the idea and the reality - and then that Porlock motherfucker shows up and the vision breaks.

I'm currently laying the groundwork for an idea borrowed from Trollslayer; the first book in the series is a bunch of self-contained short stories with the same characters and once the groundwork is laid then we get into the full novels about a single thing.

Writing proper descriptions.
I roll too closely to terse.

Staying within the fanfiction box.
Look! I have ponies on an alien world.
Wait! Here come the Canon Compliance police mumbling stuff about
filing off serial numbers and such.

Describing things and making sure everything is explained.

I've always had an incredibly hard time with putting my ideas into words.

Just getting myself to sit my ass down and write. I'm great with creative ideas I'm great with planning I'm great with dialogue, I'm getting better with characterization, I just can't get myself to actually write.

Oh, and my food vocabulary sucks. If you want to see amazing food vocabulary and amazing vocabulary in general, read skywriter's cadence of Cloudsdale series.

Everything, actually. It feels easy to find and polish 1000 ideas, but when I am starting to actually write... and then edit this text... and then check it again and again to be sure that there is no mistake... oh. It takes me a week or less to write and edit around 10000 words, but after that I feel so empty and drained that I don't even want to write anything again.

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