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BronyCon '16 · 12:46am Jul 14th, 2016

Sorry for the lateness of post. As soon as I returned home from BronyCon, I had to hit the ground running with resuming real life, getting back to my full-time job, and finishing up unpacking after moving into my new house. I've finally managed to secure 20 minutes to sit down and write this from memory since I've misplaced my schedule. So don't be surprised if things are a little out of chronological order. :applejackconfused:

I tried driving to the con this time instead of flying. Cheaper yes. But everything has a cost. Suffice to say, not doing that again. :twilightoops:

Got there Thursday morning. Checked in. Met up with GaryOak. We went to Hooters for lunch.

After, we pre-registered. Then we went to the Bar Trot, got a couple of t-shirts, got smashed and pilfered a bar trot promotional sign. It's actually in my office right now as I write this.

That was about all I can remember, but I'm sure that it's far from all that happened.

The next day, Friday, the first day of the con, I got to the vendor hall early to be first in line for an Andy Price commission. He did the (possible) cover art for my forthcoming Changeling epic, as well as a Discord sketch on the limited series 'Sister's' posters. I got number 1 of 100 as you can see in the lower left corner.

Afterwards, I joined GaryOak for the Writing Comedy panel. I think it went well.

That night GaryOak and I went to ROBCakeran53's infamous hotel party. We played Cards Against Humanity and Drink The Alcohol. I was very good at both of those things.

The next day, I went to Tara Strong's panel. I was the one that asked her, "Are we were having a love affair?"
I was actually asking that to get back at her for 2013. The story behind that is I saw her at a 2013 ComiCon in Phoenix, where she recognized me from a previous encounter in 2012 and asked me the same question to put me on the spot.
Here's the video from 2013. Start at about 14:20.

I picked up M.A. Larson's book and got in line for him to sign it. As I got to the front of the line, Tara Strong came by and saw me and gave me a big hug. GaryOak was standing right behind me and saw the whole thing. Suffice to say, it was already good day. Then I talked to Mitch for a few moments. I talked about how I had written about things that later became canon, like Luna's ability to dreamwalk, and struggling with her guilt, and now, the idea of a changeling spy, which I've hinted at publishing for some time now.

He said that it was a mark of good writing ideas that more than one person thought of it. I asked what I needed to do to make more of my stories canon. "Come with me," he said.

Just. Like. That.

That night was the Writer's Dinner hosted by Sunchaser. Afterwards, I went to The Paper Pony and made a Celestia shadow box. It was a lot of fun!

Sunday was fairly uneventful for me. Played along with the VAs with QuipLash. That was a ton of fun as the audience. I'm looking to get it on steam to play with all of you soon. Looking forward to next year. See you all then!

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Comments ( 6 )

You were there? Shit man, I must of walked pasted you or something.

Wanderer D

It was fun hanging out for a bit at the Comedy panel dude, we should grab a beer next year.

That was so much awesome!
Never missed a BronyCon post, I really Wish I were there.

I had so much fun rooming with you and Mrs. Shakes this year. Thanks for making this Bronycon such a great time!

4090075 I must not have seen you. What with the camo.

4090247 Definitely!

4091209 Of course! :twilightsmile:

I was mostly in the vendor hall anyway.

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