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    [Snippet] The Ponyville Numbers Station

    Sunset Shimmer set about unpacking her things. Though still reluctant toward the idea of staying in Ponyville long-term, she was at least going to make sure she was comfortable here during her visit. After a solid couple hours of work, the previously-bland master bedroom had been transformed into something far more cozy. The bed was made, her spellbooks and theory texts placed snugly on a

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    S1E1 Revisited: All The Ponies In This Town Are Crazy

    There's a mare in the moon, but she won't be for much longer.

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    Got Something On The Way

    Hopefully sometime this week. Enjoy the music, and stay tuned.

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    Contrast Revision Stuff

    So while my relationship with the show proper is still in an ambiguous place of "I wanna get back to this but it's incredibly low on my to-do list," I have recently started taking a serious look at something else pony-related recently.

    Filly Funtasia finally left Development Hell! It's actually pretty decent!

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    So I Saw The Season 9 Trailer

    And well, I'm of a few different minds on this.

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It's The Final Countdown! · 1:12pm Jul 7th, 2016

Pretty Much Good To Go
The Atlantis Scenario (Chapter 2)
Sirens In The Distance (Oneshot)

Needs Editing
Fluttering, Shimmering (Chapter 1)
Harbringers (Chapter 1)
Temptation Waits (Chapter 2)
Contrast (Prologue)
Of Responsibility (Day One; Afternoon)
Lunch Break (Oneshot)

Needs Finishing
The Shore Of Infinity (Chapter 1) ~70%

So I finished Lunch Break today! And came up with two potential sequels, but I digress. Also, while I haven't actually gotten any further on TSOI, I've got a better idea of where I want to end the chapter, and it's closer than I thought.

We're almost there, folks!

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