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  • Monday
    RE: Dead By Sunset Edit

    It's done guys. It's still not the cleanest work in the world, but it's far and away closer to my current standard. I've tidied up whole swathes of the paragraph structure, added a few bits, tweaked a few things to keep the canon consistent, but I haven't changed anything to the story itself.

    The biggest change was to the third Interlude. I wanted to give the CMC a little more screen time.

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  • 2 weeks
    Another Progress Update

    Per usual with my rather sporadic focus, in that I am always writing but you can never quite tell what I'll actually be writing about, I'm giving notice that I'm focusing all of my efforts on a single project at the moment. That doesn't mean I'm 'abandoning' any of my other incomplete stories. Obviously, I just picked up King & Shy again after 2+ years so I'm not planning on giving

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  • 3 weeks
    Dead By Sunset Group

    The Group is officially made, if you want an invite please comment below!

    I've sent a few out that I know already.

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  • 3 weeks
    Expanding Continuity

    I’ve put up a new story!

    The Crazy Girl gives some insight into a character that honestly I kind of regret not exploring a little more in Dead by Sunset.

    Starlight Glimmer!

    Hope you guys enjoy it!



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  • 3 weeks
    Story Plug: Premarital Smooching

    This is the fluffiest Sunset/Wallflower fic I’ve ever read and it is pure and wholesome and should be read.

    Go read Premarital Smooching by the superlative and wonderful Scampy.

    Fair warning, the rest of their stuff is sad as hell.

    5 comments · 72 views

1 week delay · 2:35am Jul 7th, 2016

There won't be a chapter this week because I'm being sent on a business conference for my job for the next half of the week and won't have time to give you guys the kind of chapter you deserve. Sorry about the delay.

Report I-A-M · 164 views · Story: The King & Shy · #delay #not dead #one week
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