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i'm a wolf with a crazy imagination.

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    three chapters of a unique prespective

    hello, my fellow bronies of fimfiction. wolfman here bringing you an update on the chapters.

    so recently I've been wanting to a lot of new types of mares and of course, try out mares that a lot of you wish to see. though in my line of work..... I'm SO BORED!!!!

    I love sex scenes as they are fun but I want to try out something. then it hit me literally. I remember something.

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    WHOOO WEEE ANOTHER YEAR AND CHRISTMAS HAS COME BY. MAN THIS HAS BEEN QUITE A YEAR BUT HOPEFULLY THIS NEW YEAR I CAN TAKE IT EASY TO RELAX. I do plan to try and make more time for my writing as I need to take it easy as I had barely any time to relax after such a long grueling year.

    I do plan on a few new chapters but for now, I'm just I survived another year

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    WHOOOOO 1000 LIKES YES THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH! this is huge even for me as I never thought it would get this many especially when I thought it wasn't going to be good. to some yeah it's not so great so sue me. it's more for fun and i thank you all for the likes and comments.

    thank you all

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    return back

    hey, folks of fimfiction her wolfman here. so lately it's been a long time since I posted a new chapter and I do hate to keep you all waiting. the reason for such a long wait is I had been working on my college work for so long as I barely had time to myself. most times I do is used in homework or projects I needed to finish. thankfully summers here so I'm going back to my writing. I do apologize

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easy up guys · 10:17am Jun 25th, 2016


look after my first blog i was given quite a number of people to choose. some i would prefer while others come on guys. this a clop special crossover chap.

i'm getting generals, and soldiers already and yet I've never seen or heard of them before.

i understand and have no problem with that. however.... this story you have to remember this is a clopfic. meaning that the oc's i'll put.... will be having sex with anthro mares. no killing, no taking out overlords and above all no ocs killing mine and taking over his world.

which means.... you have to choose wisely on who you want to be in it. so far i have a total of 5 humans including Ray. i can add two more into the mix but remember.... they have to have a bio, alright with pony sex, and above all who turned psycho when they are pissed off.

i'm not having somebody who would freak out the moment he steps into missy's fun house.

so remember if you want your oc be in it remember it's a clopfic.

i would allow others to use my oc Raymond into their stories if they wish. but you need my permission before you think of publishing your story. other then that it's fine.

so yes folks i'm still working on the other chaps including new stories that i'm hoping to be finished asap.

with all that said i'm glad to let you guys

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Comments ( 1 )

Do they HAVE to be normal humans? (Except the pissed of psycho-thing) Cuz if not iv'e got an idea...

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