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I Have a Question... · 3:56am Jun 23rd, 2016

Say, if, Starlight Glimmer gets married. Would it be better if she

a) She and her lover keep living at Twilight's Castle

b) She and her lover settle in a house of their own in Ponyville

c) She and her lover move to wherever her lover lives (Say, Crystal Empire) while still being Twilight's student? Or does she "graduate" by then?

Comments ( 24 )

I'd say B would probably make the most sense, to me at least. But any one would work, depending on what you wanna go with.:twilightsmile:

Hmm, I'd say either B or C would make the most sense, as I'd imagine Starlight would want to keep in contact with Twilight somehow and even if she moved away, presumably there is magic spells that could allow somepony to talk another over long distances. Hey, just thought of something. For all we know Twilight could be Starlight's lover. I mean, we have Twilight/Celestia shipping, so why not this?

4042975 I know. I was just making sure if it were someone she didn't already live with (Twilight, Spike) then that shouldn't be a problem :twilightsmile:

Well I mean considering that the stallion that option C favours really has nothing going on in his life I'd go with A or B. I mean it honestly depends on how far along she is in her studies. If she's still early in them then A, but if she's more advanced into them then B?

Depends, really. By this, I take it to mean you'really imagining Starlight's prospective significant other to hail from outside of Ponyville. If Starlight is still Twilight's pupil, it seems unfeasible for her to continue her studies over long distance, so moving away is right out if she wants to remain as such. That leaves us with A) or B). A) could work if Twilight was fine with it, though things might get awkward depending on how much alone time Starlight and her husband would want to share, if you catch my drift (though that could certainly be an entertaining situation all on its own).

4043007 I get'cha. Twilight would not like that...or poor Spike for that matter :rainbowlaugh:

Huh, wow, there's really no single straight answer to that... Hmmm, what kind of stories could we work in?

With answers:
A) Could have a dynamic of bachelorette Twilight having to put up with the lovey dovey shenanigans of a newly wed couple. Comedic moments of Spike going about his daily cleaning routine and nonchalantly sweeping the two into a closet/room/under-the-rug whenever they get in the way. Dramatic moments of personal space/privacy/insecurities... Which COULD segue into...

B) A new house! A new life! Right here in Ponyville! Poor Starlight though, she walks through one door in her new house... And still winds up lost in Twilight's Castle because, 'Oh it's just in case you got lonely or you need me or we have to extract that weird magic wurm from your skull in case of an emergency procedure oh don't worry about the shortcut door at least it's not like Pinkie's using it to extra-super-secret-plan your three month wedding anniversary!'

C) Twilight reflects as Starlight packs up her bags to go with (Insert Character Here) in the (Not-Ponyville-Area). A somber moment as she reflects on how she's teaching Starlight from afar as Celestia once did with Twilight. Little insecurities begin to build up, middling fears that begin to plague dreams, and culminating in a new letter written in the middle of the night to Celestia.

She'd pretty much have to move to the Crystal Empire since Sunburst has kind of a really important job there.

The possibilities are endless.

4043019 So many comedic opportunities! :pinkiegasp: Maybe except the last one, that sounds sad :applecry:
4043024 Good point
4043059 ENDLESS! :raritycry:

Last one doesn't need to be sad per se. Or at least no Sad tag. Drama would fit though. Could be bittersweet or just fluffy sweet as Twilight bids Starlight Glimmer a fond farewell. Heck, it could take place in the castle after the 'Farewell Party' as Twilight chats with Spike about growing up and potentially leaving as well...

GAH! SPIKE+RARITY SHIPPING GOGGLES ARE ACTIVATING! DISTRACTING! ABORT ABORT! *punches button and flies off to read more fanfiction*

B, C just sounds way too off in the distance and A just doesn't seem like it would happen; after all, only Twilight and Spike actually live there, their other friends still live in their own houses.

Just my two cents. Hope this helps :pinkiesmile:

4043088 Nothing can save you from Sparity now :pinkiecrazy:
4043205 Thank you :pinkiehappy:

You're asking for a friend, obviously. :raritywink:

Depends on the lover. As Moth noted, if they have too many responsibilities at home, then C (possibly including some Spike-like way to send friendship letters to Twilight.) If they live in Ponyville or are willing and able to move, B. A just feels kind of off. Like, "And this is how my multigenerational line of live-in servants began" kind of off.

I'm not even into Starlight Glimmer in the first place lol But if ever the best is for her to leave Canterlot and Ponyville for good and settle as far as possible, in peace and to never be heard from again hehe

*unmanly squeeing noise*

I could see them moving to the Crystal Empire, but I like the sound of them getting a quaint little house in Ponyville shortly after Starlight graduates.

But you can always Larson it up by making Starlight an alicorn and giving her a new kingdom.

The Star Empire. Yeah.

4043294 O-Of course! For...for a friend...:twilightblush:
4043399 Thanks. A is off the list, that's just too awkward.
4043403 :rainbowlaugh:
4043586 Star Empire sounds like a Star Wars movie! :pinkiehappy:

I'd say A or B, depending.

Also, I'm sure this question is competently random, huh? Not related to anything...?

4044687 N-No! Why would...why would you think that? :twilightblush:

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