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Bubble Matrix · 7:45pm Jun 17th, 2016

A few days ago, I asked for your input with the cover image of an upcoming story, then reveled in the ensuing confusion.

Well, after some thought, I realized that my first ideas weren't very good. It may be fun to watch people speculate, but a thrown-together symbol that looks like little more than a compass rose isn't going to tell people much about a story. I can do better than that. I may not be much of an artist, digital or otherwise, but given the resources this fandom has seen fit to give to me, I can make something a bit more... well, explanatory:

But not too much so. :raritywink:

Before this month ends, we will approach the space beyond infinity, Where Parallel Lines Converge.

Comments ( 11 )

*Grins* I look forward to helping pre-read.:twilightsmile:

I might actually get this, for once

Where Parallel Lines Converge

I see you prefer Lobachevskian hyperbolic geometry to Riemannian spherical geometry when taking leave of Euclid. See you at the omega point! :pinkiehappy:

Author Interviewer

Oh goodness. :D

The symbol in the top bubble, I recognize it

Hmm... The bubbles are in the shape of Derpy's cutie mark... And Where Parallel Lines Converge, means that all the symbols/cutie marks in the bubbles, are relating to things that'll converge somewhere...

The Bubbles = Derpy's Cutie Mark thing was hard to see until I got it all in one screen else the connection doesn't hold, but in a Story Page, it'll be small enough to work...

Now, to pick out the symbols that weren't previously discovered... I'll leave that to others, if I'm not already ninja'd...

Oh, crap. Pointing Ditzy at Starlight is like pointing a pile driver at a mosquito.

Agent Heartstrings and Controller Bonnie Z have their work cut out for them, I see.

(And yes, I know. "Zacherlie is not my superior's last name" is on The List. Still.)

Starlight taps into colorless mana...oh boy.

I'll take ten of those first ones and summon Ulamog.

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