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trump of fimfiction! · 9:18pm May 30th, 2016

im on a new mission! im going to be posting blogs about Fimfiction and the Mods!

im going to be telling everyone about how unfair the site Dictators are,
how this site could be better,
how some of the Mods are rude, don't care about us, and how they have to much power over us!

please join me in the fight! im not joking, and im not going to be shamed by the people of this site!

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What did they do?

Comment posted by The Derpy Division deleted May 30th, 2016

I'm not getting involved. I'm just gonna sit back and watch

3983990 there power crazy! enough said!!

3984002 haha! smart! it's going to be messy!

Comment posted by The Derpy Division deleted May 30th, 2016

You're gonna lose to them big time over this.

3984005 I'll watch for now, I'll only jump in if I'm needed

Down with the people running the site and devoting their time to approving our stories!

I'll join but wont be in bigger stuff

3984012 keep saying that, just makes me stronger!

This is fucking stupid seriously

3984025 no its automatic with. The approving

3984002 That makes two of us

3984038 bring on the hate!! like trump, it's my fuel! i love hate!

3984046 Fuck all this I hope the site gets shut down

3984043 there is an automatic system, but most stories are read over and approved by the mods


3984051 and your on here why?

3984058 Just fuck you dude you don't pay to maintain the site

3984062 who say's i wouldn't want to?

3984071 Like you have the money

3984076 who the hell are you girl

3984054 You're doing this for attention, aren't you? Or is this satire?

3984084 Fuck off I wasn't talking to you dumbass

3984076 i run a oil company with my parents, so yeah i have the money! i just need to take over!

3984002 Same here, this isn't my fight either!
*Joins PyraFlare in bleachers*

3984092 And I will kill myself tonight

3984086 you want to find out? stick around and find out.

3984095 welcome aboard, there's food and drinks in the back as well as free popcorn and folding chairs being handed out

3984098 all i can say is don't!

3984106 I don't care you can't takeover this is not a business!!

3984118 oh trust me, anything can be taken over, and run better.

3984088 I was just asking bitch

3984152 never I am your hell

3984162 jk I'm an ass sometimes but your cool guy/girl idk

The fuck is this garbage?

I'm laughing.

You two, smart. Don't get involved with an idiot.

And you. Stop trying to be an attention whore and get a life.

3984175 why you be an ass say something that's not to be an ass

you guys are funny! thanks!

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