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For those who would like to know. · 4:55am May 24th, 2016

Okay, so recently I've hit a big bump in the crazy road we call life and I got a little lost but I think I'm back on track. In the near future I will be writing again. I have already started working on one fic that hasn't even seen the light of day in months. Another note, I will be continuing my Sparkle of Hope series. I just have got to figure out what I want to happen and how to get the story line back on track while also including/dealing with issues I want to talk about with; Spike, Twilight, Sweetie Belle, the Sparkle family, Mi Amore Cadenza ;3 , Rainbow Dash, Scootaloo, and who else knows might make an appearance. I really enjoyed the moment they all had by the end of Spike of Remorse. I miss writing about Twilight as I did in the first story, Sparkle of Hope. But I also want to branch out with other characters and touch on some issues with them. I got no plans yet but once I get the time to sit down and have a real good think session I'll be back to typing in no time. Which is exciting to say because I have missed it. Sorry for being inactive for so long. One of my writing partners and I had a bit of a falling out and I will no longer be in contact with him, which is all good. (Not DeputyDuck, he's my BBBFF). Less stress and all that good vibes will come back soon. Anyways, I hope to see you all soon. ^~^ <3 -Moonlit Sparkle.

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Glad to hear you're doing better:pinkiehappy:
Hope you are getting good rest and having a super week!

Thank You! It's getting better. :) Hope you are having one too.

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