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Whinny City 2017 / Update on me · 5:53pm Feb 15th, 2017

Hey my little Bronies!

It's been awhile. I kind of had to take a break from the Fandom a bit due to personal reasons, but I'm back now and for the first time ever I'm headed to a MLP convention!

My co-writer and Bbbff, TheSillyDuck, has graciously invited me to crash his hometown city and tag along with him to The Whinny City Pony convention.

He also promised there would be pizza and fun, so of course I gotta go.

Are any of you going to be attending this convention? Or any other convention this year?

I know season 6 split the fandom-my own opinion included-but with Season 7 right around the corner(not to mention the official movie and the three 22 minute Equestria Girls shorts), it's a big year for all things Pony! Which I really helps spur about more creativity in the fandom.

Update on me
Another reason I want to attend this con is for that inspiration I've been lacking as of recently. At the beginning of last year I was just joining into the writing world of fimfiction. Now, I just feel like I've lost my way. When I go to finish a chapter for a story like Twilight's pet or A Dash of Compassion, it's like I've lost touch with the characters. Almost like they are strangers and I can't get the story I felt so passionate about when I started writing.

I know a lot of writers have been experiencing the same kind of loss, so I definitely don't feel alone in this experience. I'm just not quite sure how to recover from it. Any suggestions?

I have only made a few friends in the fandom and I'm hoping to make more. If you'd like to chat about anything going on in the fandom/fimfiction or any suggestions about a story you've read of mine, feel free to message me.

And if you're going to the convention and you'd like to meet up and hang out let me know!

Until next time,
*~ Moonlit Sparkle ~*

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Comments ( 2 )

Woohoo! Pones!

Glad to have you back :)

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