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Okay. I totally didn't forget how to use this · 4:47am Apr 16th, 2020

Hi, Hello, *ahem*

So... I fell off the bandwagon. HARD. Became a depressing piece of crap. Went through PLENTY of toxic relationships. Lost my home to a hurricane. Moved to a whole new state. Fell in love with the show Rwby. Fell out of love with RWBY. Moved back home. Started depression eating. Met the most beautiful girl ever and she wants me... Oh you thought this blog ended with me just saying how much life sucks. But it doesn't. Honestly throughout this journey the only time i felt life sucked is right when i realized I'm in my own damn way... And then this girl comes along and she's like i like who you are and if you want to be better then ill help you. But no matter how many times you fall, ill be right by your side. ! What? This girl got it all guys. The Kindness. The Generosity. The Laughter. The Honesty, damn is she honest. She is Magic incarnate but most of all she's loyal. Never doubts me. My muse guys. And im not trying to rub this in. Ive just been in the closet a real long time no matter how many horse words i write. But she has given me inspiration again. And i plan on using it. Oh i also found My Hero Academia. Which guys, GUYS. i love this show so much. Deku and I share our birthday. And I'm just so HYPED.

It's time to become the hero of our own stories. And I got some horse words to share! Stay tuned my dudes.

Spike and the Sparkles will return.

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And just like that my shitty day has done a 180. Glad to see you’re back and doing better :)

Oh why are you having a bad day?

And yes. But i have hit my own personal rock bottom. So only way is up.

Comment posted by Jtyler12 deleted Apr 16th, 2020
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