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Whinny City 2017 Last day of Convention / Spike of Remorse · 11:34pm Apr 2nd, 2017

Hello Ponies!

My note about A Spike of Remorse will be after my excited speel about this amazing convention I attended this past weekend in Illinois. :>

Been awhile, just dropped by to tell you guys what an awesome time I'm having at this convention TheSillyDuck and I are attending.

We've gotten to do so many things like;

Fangirling very hard when Rebecca Shoichet hugs you and gives you the most amazing personal autograph.

Meeting Cathy Weseluck and talking to her about a story I worked on called A Sparkle Of Hope. Which is about Spike. <3 She also signed the coverart.

Meeting original Goku voice actor Ian James Corlett. Of course getting my friend his signature. My friend is a total fanboy over Goku from Dragonball.

Meeting Lee Tockar and talking to him about his book series [soon movie series/totally next Harry Potter]. He also gave me his signature for free, which usually you have to pay $20 bucks for signatures. [CONVENTION CONTRACT]

Of course attending all the panels were amazing. I made some new amazing friends just from attending a writing panel with SillyDuck. We've had so much fun playing video games, chatting about the show, and just genuinely having an amazing time.

Don't get me started about the vendor hall though. There is soooooo much cool stuff. Like my goggles.

Also there is this amazing girl named Sciggles that turned our OC's into badges. I finally have a perfect definition of my OC to flaunt around and she came out amazing!

I got a bunch of other trinkets, but you guys would think I've gone crazy.
I've got a new laptop bag with the Canterlot High decal on it. A Hoof Work the Earth Pony Convention mascot pin. A hat that says MAKE EQUESTRIA GREAT AGAIN. A ponivation poster with Rainbow Dash saying Today is Awesome because you are in it. A handdrawn Twilight and Sunset Keychain.

I forgot to mention I'm attending the convention as a Sponsor, so I got a swag bag and a bunch of early access to things. I even got to attend the Sponsor only Grand Galloping Gala. Poster, T-shirt, and official Whinny City Sponsor lanyard.

I finally got to attend a Black Gryphon concert and it was the absolute COOLEST thing I've ever been too. I got to sing to ever song and really rock out.

Afterwards I finally got my hands on a Immortal Cd and he signed it! I also got a bracelet I never want to take off <3

Oh! So before I even got to the convention SaberSpark of BroniesReact was on my plane. I didn't get to talk to him though,
But I did get to calmly fangirl and talk to Argodaemon. I was internally screaming because I was too nervous all weekend to say hi to him and then suddenly there he was and we had casual conversation about his Sfm's and his trip to babscon. He even had his stuff dolphin with him. Lol.

I can't believe today's the last day of the convention. I've had so much fun and my inspiration has definitely return along with my love for this fandom. I'm so happy to be a part of this community.

Until next time,
*~ Moonlit Sparkle ~*

I have pictures of all these things but unfortunately Fimfic is not allowing me to post them at this time.

Big note about A Spike of Remorse.

I will be going back through this story and changing a lot of it. I was really unhappy with the initial release and how my co-writer just took over.

At this convention I attended a writing panel hosted by CoffeeMinion via Skype, but mostly held discussion with my new friend Vivid Syntax . He is an amazing guy and an absolutely phenomenal writer. We also exchanged a lot of good tips.

So yes. A Spike of Remorse is going to be getting revamped and finished how my initial desire for the fanfic to be.

A big reason why I want to do this is because of meeting Cathy and realising how much I love Spike and how he deserves way better then what was presented to you guys. And I whole heartedly apologize for that.

Sorry for ranting and improper sentence structure throughout this blog. I am just in a really good place right now after this wonderful weekend. A place I haven't been mentally in a long time and I'm proud to call myself a member of this fandom.

Thank you all for being on this crazy ride we call Friendship. <3

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Comments ( 6 )

A rewite? Alrighty. Make sure to keep us posted because I'm looking forward to it.

Sounds like you a really good time at the con, though, and thats really cool.


Yes. Towards the end of the fic it starts taking a weird turn focus entirely too much on this relationship with Sweetie Belle that I don't really like. I wanted to show his growth and change from the young boy we met in A Sparkle Of Hope. But I have to say I don't see any of the Spike I was going for when he is at school.

I want to focus on his changes. How he is not doing as well as everyone thinks he is. Not focus on his "hormones" as my ex-co-writer went for.

:yay: *squeeing intensifies* this con was amazing! To anyone on the fence about going to one, I would highly recommend it.

Comment posted by Jtyler12 deleted Apr 3rd, 2017

Well, congrats on getting out of that slump. My grandma would always say 'there's always a light at the end, even if you can't see it now, keep walking and you'll find it'.

I'm so glad you had such a great time! Sounds like you got tons of stuff there, too! It was super great meeting you and Silly Duck, too, and thanks for being so friendly! I hope I'll see you again at other conventions, too. :raritywink:

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